Implementing Nutrition Changes for Your Child

Conversation with Andrea Tapia, owner at Crossfit Continuum and Dr. Kurt Perkins of www.MoreHealthLessHealthCare.com discussing steps and mindset to improve your child’s nutrition.

With so many preaching, “heal the gut,” shouldn’t we know what we’re working with in the first place? Gain insights into your gas, bloating, inability to lose weight, autoimmune condition, and even diabetes by learning about the intricacies of your stool. From digestion to pathogens, learn what your poo says about you.

Is depression and anxiety really a chemical imbalance? Why has disability associated with depression have a direct increase as more people are put on antidepressants? Let’s dive deeper into this issue and look at some major metabolic dysfunctions driving your emotional anguish.

Optimizing genetics is actually a misnomer. It’s more about optimizing your genetic expression. Join the conversation but please, please, please don’t use the analogy that your DNA is a loaded gun and your lifestyle is the trigger.

Ever been told your lab work is normal but you still feel like crap? Let’s look into the 3 C’s of lab work…context, context, context.

It seems that everyone now is on thyroid meds. Is it really my thyroid or is something else going on?

Are you guilty of the not-so-obvious Toxic Top Ten? Is gossip eating a hole in your stomach? Is worry as bas as a Big mac?

If you weren’t able to attend the ABCs of Hormone Imbalance at Natural Grocers in Colorado Springs, here is the audio. There’s quite a bit of background noise as we were in the middle of the store. The link below is also the PDF of the handout I gave the attendees to follow along.