Optimizing Genetics

Optimizing genetics is actually a misnomer. It’s more about optimizing your genetic expression. Join the conversation but please, please, please don’t use the analogy that your DNA is a loaded gun and your lifestyle is the trigger.

Ever been told your lab work is normal but you still feel like crap? Let’s look into the 3 C’s of lab work…context, context, context.

It seems that everyone now is on thyroid meds. Is it really my thyroid or is something else going on?

Are you guilty of the not-so-obvious Toxic Top Ten? Is gossip eating a hole in your stomach? Is worry as bas as a Big mac?

If you weren’t able to attend the ABCs of Hormone Imbalance at Natural Grocers in Colorado Springs, here is the audio. There’s quite a bit of background noise as we were in the middle of the store. The link below is also the PDF of the handout I gave the attendees to follow along.