Sarah – The Collision of Natural Healthcare Preferences with the Need for Crisis Care…And Mountain Racing on a Keto Diet.

What happens when you’re a natural healthcare family but have to enter the hospital for extended crisis care? What about the plethora of disease specialists? Join Sarah (Speech-Language Pathologist extraordinaire) as she discusses her family’s journey with their youngest after contracting RSV at 3 weeks old.

And stay as we get side tracked in Sarah’s journey with trail racing on a keto diet.

[0:45] – Not here to talk about herself but her 3rd born’s journey of using traditional healthcare in crisis but not giving up on the natural world. 

[1:45] – RSV at 3 weeks old landed Eli in the hospital for weeks.  IVs.  Spinal Taps.  Antibiotics.  Oxygen.  

[2:22] – Navigating the litany of specialists. 

[3:35] – Being an advocate for Eli via nutrition, despite all the traditional measures. 

[4:29] – The biggest battle. 

[6:15] – The connection between what he ate and his breathing difficulties. 

[7:50] – Diving into the research of the medications that were prescribed by the specialists.   The balance of good intentions by the doctors with bad information for the drug companies. 

[9:24] – Tackling the ‘give-up’ moments. 

[10:25] – Modeling the behavior (especially with nutrition) you want to see in your kids. 

[12:35] – Using a high fat, low carb diet to help your child heal. 

[14:39] – Handling the unpredictable moments. 

[15:40] – Advice for parents on the natural side that have to enter the traditional side.  

[17:45] – Battling the fatigue and stress of being the care taker.  

[18:38] – Nutrition and speech therapy and feeding therapy.  

[22:58] – Getting side tracked.  Trail racing and training on a keto diet.  

[25:48] – Advice for those more comfortable in the known of their suffering versus the unknown of their potential.  


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