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No Symptom is Stupid

Your body doesn’t make mistakes. Your symptoms are not stupid. The sole reason your blood pressure spikes, your blood sugars sky rocket, your muscles tighten up, and your reactive mind engages is to buy you time.

Why do you need time? Because there is something (or many things) potentially harmful you are experiencing and those functions engage to get you out of dodge quick.

In the short term, this is no big deal. It’s when you are constantly trying to buy time that gets you in trouble. The energy to keep you going full tilt has to be robbed from other functions. Those are the functions that create your legacy.

This chronic imbalance shifts energy towards survival functions and away from legacy functions like your thyroid, digestion, detoxification, sleep, memory, and sex hormones.

The success is creating a balance between survival and legacy is to look upstream at those things that are potentially harmful. The biggest categories of influences will be physical, chemical, nutritional, emotional/social, and medical.

It’s rarely a single event or circumstance but an accumulation or many small influences that have a compounding effect creating a tipping point, where you realize you’re sick and tired.

What if We Reframed ‘Disease?’

Instead of Alzheimer’s being associated as brain degeneration, what if you thought about it as the brain intelligently downsizing higher cognitive functions to preserve core functions like breathing and circulation?  Instead of auto-immune disease being the immune system attacking you, it’s your immune system over protecting you?  And what about diabetes not being out of control blood sugars but instead the cells protecting themselves from the toxic effects of too much insulin?

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