Dana – Burnout realized. Burnout conquered. What happens when the body says ‘no,’ to a high-achieving, big-missioned person?

Burnout realized. Burnout conquered. What happens when the body says ‘no,’ to a high-achieving, big-missioned person? Most are used to outworking the problem. For Dana, that wasn’t working on her own. She needed some guidance and direction but won big because she stayed patient with the process.

So. Many. Nuggets. Of. Wisdom.

[1:24] – Dana’s story.  “I feel old.”  When the pace of life forces you to slow down. 

[2:26] – Having a hard time getting out bed, heart racing, skin breaking out, hot flashes, and face flushing.  Signs of intelligent feedback, not symptoms that need to be squashed. 

[3:45] – The Pursuit of Personal Potential. When your mind says yes, but your body says no. 

[5:20] – Balancing the ‘known of your suffering vs. the unknown of your potential.’  

[6:48] – Remembering the wins and having compassion for your self.  Easy to dish out to others but not-so-easy to accept from yourself. 

[9:45] – Going the natural route by yourself and when to finally ask for help. Using data to create action steps around systems and sequences. 

[10:56] – Side tracked by symptom chasing. Wasted time and energy.  

[13:20] – Don’t ever pay for advice from an expert you don’t intend to take. 

[14:49] – Getting buy-in from family…especially teenagers. 

[17:20] – Navigating social situations with different dietary preferences.   Making it a game to find what you can have vs. playing victim to what you can’t.  

[18:12] – The disconnect between church body and the physical body.  

[19:18] – Self care.  Not escaping life but instead providing yourself what you need to achieve your potential. 

[24:17] – The one question you should ask those people in your inner circle. 

[26:36] – Recognizing miracles.  No more heart burn; Wake up refreshed without an alarm; Great ability to focus; No more leg cramps; No need for naps; No more headaches; No anxiety response to high stress situations. 

[37:00] – The lie(s) we tell ourself. 

[39:35] – Manage activity, not results.  Focus on your inputs, not your outputs. 




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