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  • A craving is a powerful desire for something.  More often times than not, people talk to me about their cravings for sugar and carbs.  But when I hear cravings, I Read More

    I have seen it enough that I have to say something now.  It may be time to throw some shade at your smoothie (that’s how the kids say it, right?).  Read More

    I live, practice, and raise a family in a town with lots of military.  We have the Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force base, Schriever Air Force base, Fort Carson Read More

    Is depression and anxiety really a chemical imbalance? Why has disability associated with depression have a direct increase as more people are put on antidepressants? Let’s dive deeper into this issue and look at some major metabolic dysfunctions driving your emotional anguish.

    Many of my clientele are either business owners or high end management/executives in their companies.  What does this mean?  It means they are drivers and achievers.  They push themselves hard Read More

    I love football.  I was the quarterback of my alma mater’s back to back, intramural flag football championship team at Roberts Wesleyan College in the late 90s, early 2000s.  I Read More

    Brainwashing works.  It’s also really hard to unlearn.  It’s amazing how many conversations I have with potential new clients that are either worried or excited about their cardiac health based Read More

    ‘Leaky Gut’ has become a household term, at least from the clients walking into my door.  A gut’s leakiness is can be linked to mental/emotional issues, behavioral issues, auto-immune issues, Read More

    If you’re not familiar with the term functional medicine, it’s a delivery of healthcare that looks at the body from a perspective of systems and origins, not just symptoms and Read More

    A few weeks back I had posted a picture of the infamous Unicorn Frappuccino.  It was an image that equated the sugar load of the beverage with eating 3 Snicker’s bars.  Read More