Matt and Shelly – BiPolar No More

Is it possible to be drug free with bi-polar? Does food influence mood? Join Matt and Shelly as they discuss Shelly’s journey of mental health to mental wealth.

[1:21]  Shelly’s journey with bipolar and mental illness and desire to get off medications.  

[1:58] Create Your Perfect Diet.

[3:38] A Mind Of Your Own by Dr. Kelly Brogan.

[4:28]  Is it really possible to be drug free with bipolar?

[5:53]  Getting the spouse on board with lifestyle change.

[9:27]  Getting down to collegiate athletics weight at the age of 53.  

[10:15]  Accidentally offending people with food choices.

[11:08]  Results don’t lie.  

[15:30]  Baby steps to create lasting discipline.

[17:52]  Drug free after almost 20 years of being on pharmaceuticals.  Much more clear minded being off.  

[20:40]  Being the commissioned client.  Using your health gains to then lead others with similar needs. 

[23:15]  Why is the church resistant to health initiatives?

[29:16]  Leading the next generation of health. 

[35:49]  Omission brand gluten free beer. 

[36:40]  FH Beerworks.  Colorado Springs gluten free beer on tap.  

[42:30]  Consistency over intensity. 

[46:26]  It will work but it won’t be quick results. 

Not sure where to start?

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