Functional Chiropractic

When most people hear the term Chiropractic, they think of bones cracking in the spine.  Let me guess, you’ve met a chiropractor in a social setting once and your immediate intro was, ‘I got a crick right here, can you help doc?’ as you pointed to your neck and cranked it to the side.  You may have even seen an episode of the Simpson’s where Homer visits a chiropractor.

We can all get a chuckle out of these images and instances but the truth is, chiropractic has helped countless people of all ages over the last century.

The basic premise of chiropractic is that the body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism.  That self-healing, self-regulating abilities are organized and coordinated through the nervous system.  When there is an interference to that nervous system, the body’s self-healing, self-regulating ability is diminished.

For most chiropractic offices, they only dig into a physical interference along the spine.  While clearing up this dysfunction can have dramatic effects on a person’s health, it’s a limited approach.  The only way to have objective proof for this type of model is through x-rays.

What Functional Chiropractic is about is maintaining that basic premise that everything is connected and all aspects of life have a potential to interfere with the nervous system’s coordination and regulation of life.  This is why at Dr. Kurt’s Place: Functional Chiropractic and Lifestyle Medicine, we use non-invasive testing to assess how efficiently you are going to heal.

Dr. Kurt's Place: Functional Chiropractic and Lifestyle Medicine Colorado Springs

Your nervous system coordinates other functions like cardiac output, muscle activity, and even body temperature.  The tools we use, endorsed and used by the Space Foundation, allows us to assess those other ‘functions,’ not just the structure of the spine.  One of the best features is that our testing has no radiation.  Because we see many kids and pregnant women, the more we can limit needless radiation, the better.

We use Functional Medicine to uncover WHY you’re sick and ailing.  We use Functional Chiropractic to assess HOW you’re going to respond to care.  And we use Lifestyle Medicine to create WHAT you’re going to do to get better.

What sets Dr. Kurt Perkins DC apart is that he has developed the Kalus Method to not only uncover the root cause of your illness but create an individualized plan of action.  Don’t take our word for it.  See what others are saying.

If you have questions if we can help, feel free to take advantage of our free 15 minute phone consultation.  You can also call us at 719-602-4545.