Rebekah – When You Have an Amazing Family, No History of Trauma but Your Pre-Teen Starts Experiences Depression, Emotional Outburst, and Even Suicidal Thoughts

What happens when you have an amazing family, no history of trauma but your pre-teen starts experiencing depression, emotional outburst, and even suicidal thoughts? Join Rebekah as she discusses the challenges but also the amazing success of her son’s journey.

[1:04] Rebekah’s story with traditional healthcare.

[3:30] Family transition to ‘non-traditional’ healthcare.

[4:08] What to do when a child expresses depression and suicidal thoughts within a loving family dynamic?

[8:25] Changing the diet of a 12 year old.

[10:26] The reality of mom guilt. 

[13:30] Persistence, not perfection.  Vision and values dictate decisions. 

[16:40] Extended family dynamics with lifestyle change.  

[20:15] Maintaining a health culture within youth baseball. 

[23:31] Wanting to give up?

[27:00] You’re not alone, you’re not a failure.  Don’t isolate yourself.  


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