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I took some time with a couple colleagues to drive up to Denver to watch the documentary Vaxxed.  If you have heard of it, it’s probably due the controversy of Read More

The Autism-Vaccine controversy is not going to die off any times soon.  The pro-vaccine side says there are hundreds of studies debunking any link.  What I find most interesting, is Read More

I had posted this info graphic on my Facebook page the other day from the Immunity Education Group.  It has been shared and liked and commented on by many people. Read More

Preface I originally wrote a post in 2012 called ‘My CRYSTAL Clear Stance on Vaccines (Which Aren’t Immunizations)’ at my old blog at www.DrKurtPerkins.com.  You’ve most likely been re-directed from that Read More

I’m sure you have heard by now but California has now lost vaccine exemption laws.  In other words, if you don’t get your child vaccinated, you can’t bring them to Read More

Vaccine choice is under constant attack.  As of this writing, if you live in Colorado, you have a choice.  You can choose to get every single one, at the exact Read More

I had a conversation with a pregnant patient the other day.  She said her OB was pushing her to get the pertussis vaccine to protect her unborn baby.  She was Read More

I had a promise to myself that I would stay away from vaccine posts for a while.  I’ve had my fair share of heat on the internet about my choice Read More

As a parent, you can probably trace all decisions into a level of fear management.  We all do things because we think it’s good for our kids but how do Read More