I took some time with a couple colleagues to drive up to Denver to watch the documentary Vaxxed.  If you have heard of it, it’s probably due the controversy of it being yanked from the Tribeca Film Festival.  As a result, the film probably got more air play with it being yanked than actually having a seat at the table with the other independent films.

Judging a book by its cover, it looks like this movie sets out to be a conspiracy theory, anti-vaxxer film.  At least this is what accusations come up for those die hard pro-vaccine people that refuse to give it a shot.

I can assure you there is no anti-vaccine rhetoric in this document at all.  Everyone involved is pro-vaccine.  What they are fighting against and the message they hope to deliver is the out right fraud by the CDC in omitting data, misleading Congress, and making policy that has caused massive damage to our youth with no repercussions allowed.  Not one second did anyone say, you should not get your kid vaccinated. They did say you should vaccinate with the full data available, which is not available due to a CDC coverup that has the potential to affect 1 million kids every year.  But you didn’t hear about that. You heard about the 600 kids that got measles, that killed no one nor had any long term damage.

The issue isn’t whether MMR causes autism.  The issue is whether the MMR, given at the recommended schedule of 12-18 months causes autism.  This is where the cover-up to catastrophe occurs.  The issue is that the ‘studies’ that the CDC points to in order to ease fear of an MMR-autism link, are in fact damning of their own message.  The studies they reference to calm fears, when using the full amount of data, actually shows an exponential increase with autism with MMR when given at the current CDC schedule.

The issue is that for those that still want to give their child vaccines for measles, mumps, and/or rubella, there’s no single dose vaccines available.  It’s the MMR or nothing.  The issue is that the CDC whistleblower, that has admitted to falsifying data and also trying to contact his superiors about this problem, has no voice unless he testifies in front of Congress.  He wants to be subpoenaed by Congress but NO ONE will serve him with a subpoena, further delaying and covering the catastrophe that the CDC has falsified and covered data that would shake the confidence in their ability to provide unbiased health advice to keep our children from harm.

The issue is that vaccines aren’t treated like every other pharmaceutical intervention, going through randomized, placebo trials.  The issue is that the vaccine makers are also shielded from any responsibility for harm by their product.  The issue is that none of the vaccines are studied in combination with the administration of the other vaccines, yet at 2 months for example, an infant can receive 6 shots together, containing 20 different strains of viral load.

Vaxxed is not an anti-vaccine film.  Vaxxed is a pro-transparency film.  Vaxxed is a pro-CDC accountability film.  Vaxxed is a pro-vaccine safety and efficacy film.  Vaxxed is a pro-parenting film.

As Robert F Kennedy Jr says,

“All those things that protect us are gone. The only thing left that protects that child from that company, the only barrier standing, is the parent. And now we want to take the parent away.”


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