The first half of the day I experienced something that has only happened one other time this month.  My belly was a little bloated and I was a little gassy.  I expected this a lot during the month from the unquestioned mantra that due to not having fiber, I would be backed up.  But I don’t think it was from the meat.

These 2 days that I had the bloating, pretty mild but noticeable, I also had meatloaf the night before.  Why could meatloaf possibly cause some bloating?  The loaf was made with some gluten-free bread crumbs.  I eat what my wife makes and in the past there would have been too many variables to distinguish the cause of the bloat.  Are back to the potential for lectins?

I know from experience that I don’t do well with grains and so we opt for the gluten free ones 3-4x/month when meal planning with certain recipes.  Those meals are also often combined with meat and veggies so if there is any gas or digestive disruption, it would be hard to pin point what it was.  For some reason, meat always gets the blame when looking at population studies for shorten life span, colon cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. The grains, the beans, the beer, or veggies are never considered.  I’m not saying those are evil but with our society in heightened sensitivity to discrimination, meat is typically the victim.

I’ve mentioned it before but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with zero gas for the sake of being gassy.  If there is gas, then a bowel movement is on its way.  But it’s been normal, comfortable, and regular. I fully plan to add other foods back in but I’ll be curious to see what happens in the belly when I do.


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