The end is drawing near on the experiment.  I’m glad that I have done this and I’m sure I will do this again in the future as I’ve had a lot of positive results.  This past week I’ve had more and more people comment that I look leaner, which was not an expected result.  It is a nice boost to the ego; what little remains when you live with 3 kids, 6 years and under.

A big take-a-way I’m learning form this experiment is the effect of fruit on me.  Staring out at 7% body fat, I thought I had the green light to eat as much as I wanted.  That may be true but it wasn’t without impact.  The first week of the experiment, I shed weight and started trimming up.  Tomorrow, I’ll see the actual effects, as I get measurements again and new blood work.  As much as I lived on fruit previously, I don’t know how much I’ll end up adding back in.  I will definitely add avocados back in on a regular basis but not sure about other fruits.  I will probably treat fruit more as a treat than a staple.


I just want to say thanks for following me on this journey and showing interest even with those die hard vegans.  I think when studying nutrition for recommendations, researchers aim to isolate one factor and the singular effects that variable has on an end game expression.  As a result, we isolate and assume a lot based on isolation research.  Researchers look at beef and say it has a lot of cholesterol.  Because there is so much dogma around cholesterol, we assume beef is bad.  Researchers also look at antioxidant content of plants.  Again, we have been told antioxidants are good and therefore assume consuming lots of them have the same effect within the body as it does within the plant.

As a practitioner, this experiment has opened my eyes that people may respond better to a non-plant based diet.  I can’t count anymore how many have made comments that they feel much better eating red meat but have been scared to eat too much for fear it’s going to give them a heart attack.  Eating isolated food sources may not be the long term solution but instead used for periods of time to give some metabolic reset and rest to a body full of metabolic turmoil.

If a way of eating is having awesome positive effects on a loved on that you disagree with, be open to it.  They are functioning better and therefore happier.  Cheer for their success.  If your way of eating has become dogmatic despite still constantly suffering with your chronic health condition, be open to changing it, or looking at other life factors that contribute to chronic illness.  Be open to finding what is right, opposed to just trying to be right.  In other words, don’t be a D-Bag.

Celebrate the adaptability of the human genomic physiology.  You’re alive today despite not having one perfect day. Your DNA code is NOT a loaded gun waiting for the environment to pull the trigger.  Your DNA code is a zipper, exposing the necessary blue print to help you adapt to whatever is happening to you from the external.  The more ‘good’ (purity and sufficiency) you surround and expose yourself to, the more DNA codes get exposed for happiness, health, and healing.  The more ‘bad’ (toxicity and deficiency) you surround and expose yourself to, the more DNA codes get exposed for protection, survival, and tissue breakdown.  Don’t blame the blue print, blame the building materials.

If you’re not sure where to start, start HERE.


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