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like a warrior
becoming a

Take inventory of what you have. 

Your family.  Your income.  Your ability to provide.  Your influence.  Your legacy. 

What's the #1 way to lose it all?  Ignore your health.  How do I know?  I'm the last living male in my immediate family as well as I take care of dudes just like you in my private clinic for a living.  Dudes that are losing productivity at work due to brain fog.  Dudes that are losing intimacy at home due to fatigue.  Dudes that are afraid that they are becoming un-dudes. 

The cool thing is that these dudes are becoming men.  Men that their spouse and kids can look to, to make health decisions.  Dudes default to their spouse in this category and often look at health as pure expense.  Men step up and initiate and lead health movements within their household.

With that said, what's the #1 way to lose your health besides ignoring it?  How about following the mainstream medical advice blindly.  That's why I developed the Man Plan.  Join me on a journey of my top recommendations and personal practices to turn you from dude to man.  Just sign up below.

"At 41 years old I was sucked into the current "medical system" and underwent a major surgery. Never being one for medications or drugs I needed to have real answers. Dr. Kurt's common sense approach coupled with his unquestionable expertise and knowledge has allowed me those answers and the ability to take back my health. I could write extensively about everything he has helped me with in only 5 month but I will save that for another time. Thank you Dr. Kurt for doing what you do."

- Russ

"I will NEVER be able to pay you enough $$$ for the value, for what you have helped facilitate in my personal healing, brain health and opportunities to move forward in my life in a more strategic and mindful way to make a difference in the world."

- Jeff

REmember, you do have a lot to lose.

Join a community of dudes looking to better serve, perform, and contribute to their family and this world by improving health the only way a man can...with the man plan. 

Dr. Kurt Perkins: Husband, Father, Leader, Follower, Reader, Listener, Friend, Enemy, Author, Stand-Up Desker, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Man Plan Developer.

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