I made it through the final weekend of this experiment.  I did have an increase in desire for fruit due to the temperatures being summer-like again.  We have had some cooler temps and lots of rain in August, which makes eating hot food easier.  With the high temperatures and a fridge full full of watermelon, black raspberries, blue berries, strawberries, and plumbs from a local friend’s tree, the coolness and sweetness of those foods left me wanting them.  But I stayed pure.

Staying pure in this pursuit wouldn’t be possible without an amazing community.  We have a group of friends that we gather together with virtually every Friday night.  And despite the 4-5 families with 15 kids under 7 years old, the host family went out of their way to accommodate my meat only preference.  They were making meat anyway but repeatedly checked in with me during the meal if I had enough to eat.  Maybe they’re concerned I’m wasting away.

As I mentioned previously with the plumbs, those were a surprise.  We got home from our Friday night gathering to a large bag of plumbs from their back yard.

I also taught a group of clients Saturday morning that are part of my YOUniversity program.

The common theme among all my social interactions this past week and weekend is that I have people around me that truly want me to succeed…in all areas of life.  Hopefully I return that sentiment, except when playing Quiplash.  It took a while to develop and find these relationships but I find this a massively missing piece in people’s lives when they first come into the office.  The screenshot from my intake forms below might be more telling of one’s health than their exercise and nutrition regime.

Functional medicine

If you’re struggling with your health, have done a ton to clean up your diet and movement routines, yet keep hitting a road block, these 11 questions may unlock some hidden stressors.  Or they may not be hidden and because they are so dominant, your diet and exercise routines are just keeping you a float.



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