This post is for all those fatties out there. You know who I’m talking about…fatty, fatty, fat, fat.  Yeah, I called you fat, look at me I’m skinny.  Never stopped me from getting…slapped in the face.  Before you turn this off or post negative comments, hear me out for 3 seconds.

Being fat is a sign of extreme, high-level intelligence. Yes, that’s right.  When you are assessing that booty and belly shake in the mirror, don’t think disgusting. Think Einstein, Hawking, or even Dwight K. Schrute.

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Your body NEVER does stupid stuff. It always gives you the absolute best chance of surviving the next 30 seconds, even if it’s at the expense of your next 30 years.

Why would the body take excess energy substrate and convert it to fat?  Because it’s the preferred fuel for your brain and body to operate.  Animals that go into hibernation are living off their fat stores.  Humans don’t hibernate but there is (or was) a great possibility that we would go without food for a lengthy time.

Where human intellect got in the way of human intelligence began with the outright deadly advice starting in the late 1970s that perpetuated the message ‘fat is bad.’  As policy and special interest collided, we now have the fattest generation in the history of the world. But it’s not because the body is stupid, it’s because the policy is stupid.  Intellect is the not the same thing as intelligence.

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When you villainize fat and remove it from food, you lose flavor.  In order to make it taste good you have to add sugar…and lots of it…and a lot of salt too.   The more you consume low fat foods, which means a higher carb/sugar intake (breads, cereals, pastas), your body will use what it needs for the immediate but then work hard to create a store house of the body’s preferred fuel…fat.

Your spare tire is just a self expression of your subconscious intelligence trying to sustain your life for the long term.  Those extra pounds are like a savings account. If you lose your job, you will limit spending money. When you regain employment and have a steady income stream, you are more apt to go stimulate the local economy.

The problem is that your love handles know they are super smart and get cocky about it.  We all know those super intelligent guys or gals that are socially awkward, lack self awareness, and allow their ego to explode.  The more weight the body accumulates, the larger the ego.  The larger the ego of a leader, the more disruptive his or her decision making.  I wish I could give a good example of that egotistical leader that lacks self awareness but no one is coming to mind.  I’m sure you have a mental picture of someone…or someone’s hair.

The point is that excess weight at one point served a fantastic purpose to help you adapt.  We don’t face those same uncertainties of famine today.  Use that symptom (extra weight) as a cue for what your body needs opposed to labeling it bad and attacking that expression.  In other words, use your excess fat as a sign your body wants and needs fat.  By using your intellect to limit your fat intake, you are depriving your innate intelligence of the very fuel it craves.

There are many ways to lose weight.  But often times it gets complicated by other underlying issues of hormonal shifts, inflammation, and gut issues.  If you’ve tried everything and keep hitting a road block, you know how to find me.

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