Hey, Dr. Kurt here and I want to tell you about our signature program here at Dr. Kurt’s Place called YOUniversity with the emphasis and goal of guiding you to become the best version of YOU.  

It’s a complete and utter lie that you can be anything you want to be.  The only thing you can be is the very best version of you.  You are special because you have unique gifts, talents, and strengths that need to be expressed fully. 

The problem is that more often than not, those gifts, talents, and strengths are being severely underutilized and outright squashed because of you poor health.  It’s nearly impossible to be your fully effective self when you are riddled with brain fog, chronic pain, anxiety, bubble gut, and fatigue.  

Therefore our YOUniversity program is a combo of getting you well by teaching you how to do so for yourself with the ultimate goal of you using your health gains to then go and use your gifts, talents, and strengths to serve those around you.

How is YOUniversity Unique?

It’s unique because you’re unique.  But it’s not because of your genetic code that makes you unique.  There’s more variations in tomatoes then there are in humans.  What makes you unique is your biochemistry…the interplay between your life’s experiences, exposures, and choices AND your genetic code.  Your DNA is always the constant in the equation of life. 

With that said, there are 14 variables to take into consideration in creating your plan of action with the success of the program geared around optimizing your body systems, not suppressing symptoms.  

The base of any pyramid is going to have the most influence on the expression of your health.  There are Nutritional, Chemical, Physical, Mental/social, and Medical influences on your health expression.  These are the root causes of your issues.  But it’s often a daunting task to start here.  

So we move up the pyramid and address 4 primary physiological dysfunctions that are making you ill while you are learning some new lifestyle habits and behaviors. This is where functional testing helps narrow in where we target more specifically. 

There is oxidation.  Think of this like revving your engine at every stop light.  You’re going to spit out more emissions, burn through fuel quicker, and rip apart your engine making it run so hot all the time. 

There is inflammation.  Inflammation is blamed to be at the root of all chronic illness but I would caution you in calling it bad.  Inflammation is a protective mechanism in the body.  Inflammation becomes a problem because we haven’t stopped to rest that engine revving and we go into an over protective mode. 

There is catabolic activity.  This means you have shifted into a state of body break down.  The harder and faster you are pushed and pushing yourself, the quicker your body breaks down.  Imagine being in a perpetual sprint mode all day every day.  At some point, you can’t keep up with demand and the body intelligently rips itself apart to try and keep up with demand.  If you need calcium for your muscles to contract, you’re going to rob it from your bones.  If you need cholesterol to patch up damage, you’re going to rob it from your sex hormones. 

Last is there is often a blood sugar/insulin resistance situation happening.  Remember, insulin resistance isn’t just reserved for the obese and diabetics.  We can have major insulin resistance and still be skinny.  

Next up the pyramid is the sequence of the 3 systems to support.  With illness, when we look back through your person history the first system to take a hit is often the neuroendocrine system.  In other words, how your brain is communicating with your body.  That communication is often shifted into a protection mode.  

Long enough in that mode, it starts to break the body down and an easy target is the Gut and GI system.  Think of the gut as the tube from mouth to porcelain Johnny.  It’s part digestion and part immune response and if we’re in protection mode, we will put more emphasis into the immune expression instead of digestion.  

When this gut gets overloaded, the strong barrier breaks and dumps contents into the bloodstream, thus eliciting more of an immune load and inflammation.  But in order to support that inflammatory need, the liver is recruited to help, which puts our ability to detox on the back burner. 

Many coming in will support these systems, but because they are doing them out of sequence, hitting roadblocks in their healing journey.  Many start with a detox but if the gut isn’t supported, it’s not that effective.  Many will ‘heal the gut’ but if they haven’t addressed the neuroendocrine signaling to the gut, that gut barrier will stay lacking.  

Ultimately, everything is driving you into 1 of 2 positions in life and usually a combo of the 2:  You’re either Deficient in something or you’re Toxic in something.  You may be deficient in social contact.  You may be toxic in sitting.  You may be deficient in movement or you may be toxic in medications.  

By addressing these 14 variables, we start to support the 1 and only YOU. 

You’ve heard that team work, makes the dream work.  In your case, you’re doing the work, we’re just the guides.  With the right guides, you stay alive.  

You will have a field general to meet you on your turf and where you need help most in creating new habits.  Maybe you’re intimidating by grocery shopping, hate to cook, or have no idea how to perform a squat.  This is where Jamie uses her strengths of Learner, Positivity, Connectedness, Woo, and Harmony to be your field guide.  

Not sure what WOO is?  It’s a strength from the StrengthsFinder assessment, each participant uncovers.  This is where David steps in to help you uncover and apply your personal strengths as the Professor of Potential.  

In working with driven, busy professionals, one of the biggest underlying stresses people experience is their work.  Not because the work is hard, they actually enjoy that, but because they are not doing roles in which they are best suited or managing people not in the right roles.  

Through the strengths finder assessment and coaching, you start to apply your health gains to your talents and uniqueness creating a level of productivity and effectiveness in your personal mission not thought possible. 

With the YOUniversity program, you’re going to get a lot.  You’ll get at least 8 appointments with touch points from all the team members.  You have direct access with emails and phone calls when you have questions or just want to boast about some wins.  You’ll be getting a personalized lifestyle and supplement plan based on your functional lab testing.  You will also have access to our online learning center with resources to aid in your journey with forever access and any updates well after you’re done with our initial time together. 

Got Questions?

Feel free to reach out and book a complimentary Discovery call to see if we’re a good fit.  We would love to be the guide in your hero journey in turning your health woes into dominating your mission and purpose.   Here’s to creating ‘More health, Less healthcare.’