Many try and out meditate their worry, fear, or anger.  I guess that’s better than trying to out medicate them or drinking them away.  But I don’t think this was what meditation was intended to do when developed.  Instead of creating a mental escape, or trying to out endure the problem, use this technique that I call ‘grab the bison by the biscuits.’

Cliff’s Note Version:

List out the worst case scenarios that can happen if what you’re worrying about actually happens.

Quantify the actual probability of those worst case scenarios until the scenario is both a possibility and probability. 

Create an action plan if the most possible/probably scenario happens. 

List out the BEST case scenarios.  You plan for the worst but expect the best.  You never admire people for having everything handed to them.  You gain inspiration from those that went through the crud of life and came out the other end dirty, beat up, but heading towards their goals.  


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