I am within hours of turning 40. I don’t feel like 40. Though I don’t know what 40 is supposed to feel like. I don’t look like 40, but again, I guess that depends on whom you ask. What I do know is I’m getting older. And so are my clients. And none of us want to let that get out of control. We will never stop aging but we can do it gracefully.

Our personal lifestyle has the greatest determining factor on our health and aging expression. How you eat, move, sleep, thoughts, social connection, and congruency with your life’s purpose will keep you young as you age.

But some start that journey later in life after a health crisis has happened. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to see a list of symptoms from clients coming in that include:

Decreased strength and stamina; Low energy; Decreased muscle mass; Weight gain, especially around the midsection; Feeling of depression, anxiety and sadness; Thin and dry skin; Decrease in sexual function and interest; Reduction in bone density; Fatigue; Greater sensitivity to cold and heat.

Just by the symptoms above, this could be a number of things. When dysfunction is building, you will preserve and reserve energy currency for those functions that will help you escape danger over those that help you enjoy life.

As a result, you will sacrifice your thyroid to support your adrenals. You will shift towards immune expression and inflammation and away from digestion. You will heighten cardiac output while sacrificing sex drive. And you will forgo learning, concentration, and memory to support an increase in sensitivity.

With that said, I’m having more people ask me about hormone therapies to help these symptoms as they are getting bombarded and targeted with advertising due to their age demographics. But it’s often in the estrogen, testosterone, progesterone category.

But what about Growth Hormone? A lack of growth hormone can produce all those symptoms listed above.

True HGH therapy costs thousands of dollars per month so it’s often reserved for the people that have a multi million dollar contract on the line whether Hollywood, sports (though illegal), or some other performance/aesthetic criteria.

Me? I’m just curious. When multiple clients have the same question about ‘what do you think about….?’ I like to give a real world answer, not just a controlled research answer. But $5,000 – $10,000/month isn’t an investment I’m willing to make. I have 3 growing boys to feed. Instead, I’ll be experimenting with a lotion called Somaderm. It’s a gel that contains homeopathic Human Growth Hormone.

What does it mean by homeopathic? It means super duper diluted. For every ‘X’ you see in a homeopathic solution, it means it has been diluted to 1/10th of the original substance.

Of course, I will get some lab work prior and post experiment to help quantify some internal changes as I feel and function with no complaints. I also tend to practice those things that have impact on HGH production in the body from weight and intensity training, fasting, low carb eating, a consistent sleep schedule, etc.

One of those lab values is IGF-1. Dr. Rhonda Patrick, from Found My Fitness, does a great job at explaining IGF-1. I had IGF-1 tested back in October with a value of 106 ng/ml (83-233 range). In the video she explains that a higher number will aid in growth and recovery while a lower number will aid in longevity but both have trade offs.

What I hope to achieve and experience are some strength gains and maybe even some more mass. I know 30 days may not be long enough to have those but I figure if everything metabolically is already spot on with inflammation, insulin, body fat %, etc, then I should be well receptive to the intervention, even at such diluted levels.

For my clients, it’s more the safety aspect of it and some real world experience of what to expect subjectively. It’s also to see what can be expected from lab work opposed to just symptom reports. If I get great results, they may too but that’s not always a given. For example, I didn’t do well with the Fasting Mimicking Diet kit but have had clients achieve great results with it.

So here’s to being 40 and dominating the next 6 decades of life. Thanks for following the journey. This isn’t the first journey I’ve shared. You might be interested in my month of meat a few months ago.


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