If you missed August, I did a whole month of only eating animal based products.  It went really well.  Check out the previous hyperlinks for the initial and final results of doing that.  As a result, many have asked, what’s next?

I have decided to do a 5 day fast.  For the past year, I’ve don’t intermittent fasting pretty consistently and even have done a couple 24 hour + fasts, up to 49 hours. The real magic of fasting occurs when you hit days 4 and 5 and actually start regenerating stem cells.  The problem for many, including me, is that only doing water for 4-5 days seems like a mountain to me when all I have on is flip flops.  It could be done but with a lot of discomfort.

For me to even attempt a 5 day fast, I would have to take time off work (not desirable for me) and time away from the family (not desirable for my family).  This is why I will use the kit designed from ProLon (L-Nutra) that has proven to mimic all the benefits of a 5 days fast but with some caloric substance.

L-Nutra is the first company to market a product that has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for optimizing human healthspan, the length of time that a person is healthy. This follows a landmark patent issued in 2016 for treating diabetes and multiple patents previously issued for cancer treatment, but this is the first patented protocol to address health and wellness prior to the onset of disease. The patent is for the Fasting Mimicking Diet® (FMD®), discovered and clinically tested by the laboratory of Valter Longo and Keck Hospital at the University of Southern California (USC), a nutrition technology that is proven to reduce markers for age-related disease as well as promote tissue regeneration.

The markers they have shown beneficial include:



Stem Cells

Body Weight

Abdominal Fat

Waist Circumference

Lean Body Mass

Blood Pressure



The benefits were after 3 consecutive months of the 5 day fast.  I don’t expect drastic results after this first round, just an experience.  If I can do it and you want to join me the 2nd round, let’s do a group version (locally or virtually).  Then if that goes well, I want to get a handful of healthcare offices locally to do a city-wide version and hopefully with enough people, make an impact on the health of our city.

Functional Medicine Colorado SPrings

I’m excited because with these trials, it was done all through lifestyle interventions.  If an intervention helps shift someone towards health and away from the need for healthcare, I’m all for it.  Like with the animal based August experiment, I will get the IGF-1, CRP, and Lipid panel tested prior to and following repeat the end of the 3rd consecutive month in addition to the body weight measurements.



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