I’m on day 4 of the Fasting Mimicking Diet.  I don’t notice any profound changes other than feeling leaner in the love handles area.  I’ve only really felt hunger a couple times, usually around dinner time.  Usually dinner is my largest meal so there may be some neuro-plasticity built around the largest consumption of calories during that part of the day.

It’s pretty easy to follow.  All the ‘meals’ are planned out but there is some additional work that I wasn’t expected, probably because I didn’t read careful enough.  The meals are a variety of soups.  Some can be just added to water and heater for a couple minutes (microwave if you desire).  Some of the other soups require 15 minutes of stove top simmering so thankfully I planned this over a weekend when I have access to a stove.  I don’t have any type of heating device at my office.  These simmering soups also say NOT to use a microwave.

Digestively I felt way better on Animal Based August.  The FMD (Fasting Mimicking Diet) is exposing some overt food sensitivities that I had known but didn’t think in small quantities would be that bothersome.  There are 2 different Minestrone soup blends in the meal rotations.  The ingredients are pretty similar except one contains white beans.  Both time I consumed that soup, I had an instant runny nose and within 30 minutes I had bloating and gas the rest of the night.

Green olives are used quite a bit in which I wasn’t thrilled because I’ve never like them.  But with so little food options, after I got the first one down, the rest were pretty tolerable. The food in general tastes really good.

The question I’m left with is, could I replicate it with calorie contents of animal based products.  Is the value more in the ingredients they give or is it just calorie restriction that is a goal for a fasting mimicking diet?


Shortly after writing this, I headed home to have the prescribed soup and olives for lunch.  Within 10 minutes, I had pretty painful bloating.  The kind where it hurts to even walk so you walk a bit slower…like if you’re in pain.  It’s been about 90 minutes since eating, the pain has diminished a bit but still pretty uncomfortable.  I’m leaning towards not finishing this out and busting back into regular meals with my normal protein shake tonight for dinner instead.


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