Many will use HGH and IGF-1 interchangeable. It’s much easier to test for IGF-1 so much research is based on it opposed to HGH.

The body never does stupid stuff, it’s just dose dependent. There seems to be benefits of a lower IGF-1 and benefits to a higher IGF-1. But there are also trade-offs of both.

Since the job of IGF-1 is to grow you, and speed up growth, being too high could lead you towards diseases that rapidly speed up cell division like cancer. But too low and you’re not sustaining life at all.

In my initial post Dr. Ronda mentioned high intensity exercise and strength training as a great way to boost and regulate HGH and IGF-1. In the video below, Dr. McDougall puts it in context of 2 controversial food items…cow’s milk and soy.

My Initial Labs – Click to Enlarge

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I was actually surprised by my testosterone levels as back in August they were in the 400s. A1C, CRP, and Insulin are staying spot on. I’ll be curious if this experiment raises my IGF-1. The one that raises my flag is homocysteine. I like that closer to 8, especially with neurologic and cardiac implications associated with high homocysteine.

Today is day 5 of the 5 day cycle on, 2 day cycle off, that is advised on the bottle. I can’t say I feel anything different but I wasn’t expecting much. I’m more curious the effects on the lab markers.


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