The media bonanza regarding the flu is starting and you will notice 1 of 2 things.  First, they are using massive scare and fear tactics to persuade you into getting a flu shot.  B. The media reports on what it wants to report to persuade you to think how they want you to think. That’s their job.  Your job is to think.  Watching hours of media causes you to think less.

Their agenda is to please their advertisers.  In this case, a massive chunk of their budget comes from the pharmaceutical industry, who have a lot to gain by getting you to think there is a horrible bug out there and the only defense is to get a vial full of toxic chemicals and puss.

I look it this whole Flu hoopla as a giant hoax.  Let me give you an insight into why.

fatigued womanIf you look at “flu season,” I see a bigger common denominator than an elusive virus.  Look at the American lifestyle starting in September.  Most people go from a warm season where they are outdoors, eating fresh food, being active, and are generally a lot happier.  Kids move indoor all day in school and told to sit still for 8 hours at a time and rewarded with ice cream, pizza parties, and candy for getting correct answers.

Football also starts.  Instead of playing football, we go into a season of watching football, which now have games on Thursday night, Saturday ALL day, Sunday ALL day, and Monday night.  Don’t get me wrong, I love football but there’s a limit.

The last time I went to a tailgate party or Superbowl party, I don’t remember many tables full of veggies, pure water, and clean meats.  What gets eaten usually resembles the almost 5 year old McRib I have sitting on my shelf at my office.  The only movement is from couch to bathroom and the occasional celebration cheer.

October gets worse.  There is still over 50% of the days of the week to watch football, maybe even some baseball playoffs and then Halloween.  Again, how many ‘treats’ do you give out or receive that aren’t sugar loaded and chemical filled?  But it’s tradition right?

Once Halloween is over, we start gearing up for Thanksgiving.  What’s the best part of Thanksgiving?  The leftovers.  One day of gluttony isn’t going to affect us a whole lot but now we have a week’s worth of leftovers to watch more football.  Thankfully baseball is over.

The minute Thanksgiving dinner is over, the stress load increases as we look through all the deals we can get for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  How much should I spend?  What if I give a dud present?  What if I get a dud present?  You don’t want to go to that holiday party, your boss is going to be there.  You dread Christmas eve when your folks come visit.  Worry, fear, anger, worry, fear, anger.

Christmas comes and goes in a manner of 24 hours.  All those months of anticipation for maybe 4 hours of family time and now you’re gearing up for a drunk fest come New Year’s to forget about all the stress that happened the past 2 months.  January is pretty mild until all the Valentine’s Day propaganda begins.  Sugar, sugar, and more sugar.  If you really loved someone, would you keep bombarding them with poison?

What follows?  St. Patty’s day and then we end ‘flu season’ with Easter.  In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who gives us eternal life, here’s a bunch of Peeps to get you to eternity faster.

‘Flu Season’ should be renamed ‘Let’s see how far away from health we can get and still survive’ season.  Our immune systems are so shot that in the eyes of an opportunistic virus, we look as bright and welcoming as the Vegas strip.

What kills me is that the media will report on the only solution…the flu shot.  What baffles me  is that the theory behind vaccines is that if a virus is introduced into your system, your immune system will recognize it and produce antibodies against it.  If your immune system is drowning due to the high stress, poor nutrition, and inactivity, it’s ridiculous to think your body is strong enough to even develop an immune response against a needle that has the same efficacy as playing Russian Roulette.  Remember how babies and old people are most susceptible?  Because their immune systems are either immature or fatigued.  From September to April, you’re no different.

But what about the germs?

This where the media gets you.  They make you afraid of something you can’t see, that supposedly comes around every year during the same time, and magically kills the exact same number of people each year.  And I’m the quack for questioning this?  It’s ignorant to think that this magic bug only comes once a year like Santa Clause.  Bugs are around all days and hours of our lives.

Why do people become paranoid about spreading germs?  You touch just as many surfaces and hang around with just as many people in the winter as you do the summer.  I would argue that you have MORE contact with people in the warmer months yet people are less sick.  I literally in contact with hundreds of people each week and I’m not sick, nor are 90% of my patient base.  Could it be that we’re doing something different than the media lead sheeple?

Then it has to be the cold weather, right?  Ridiculous.  There are plenty of warm states in our divided union that have just as bad ‘flu’ problems as the colder states.

The ‘flu’ problem comes down to weak hosts…you.  Your strength or weakness is 98% related to the choices you make on a daily basis.  Are you choosing toxicity and deficiency?  Or are you choosing purity and sufficiency?  Either way, you can’t blame a bug or someone else’s sick kid that you got sick.  Take responsibility and be the strong, amazing, healthful human being your DNA dictates you to be.  Go Bills!


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  1. Absolutely love this article, been arguing with my wife about this BS Flu season. The radio commercial that was on the other day was warning about FLU season. Lmao its such a sham!!! My main goal for starting the SHIFT Transformation business is to wake people up but man it seems they just take this nonsense as the normal and ask no questions. We are thinking stuff!! BUT this current age of people are the worst thinkers yet and these kids are even worse. Great read!!

  2. This is so great and I couldn’t agree more! I haven’t watched “the news” in over 20 years and I made a joke to my mom right before winter about how I wondered what they were going to name the scary flu this year and she immediately said “Coronavirus”. I guess they start naming it earlier and earlier each year. I came across this article after my friend just gave me a whole list of things to do to prevent in since I’m going on a (Godforbid) cruise in April. Oh no, not a cruise!? It’s all so silly to me. 24/7 news on all those channels owned by only 6 companies. It’s so irresponsible to do this to so many people but they can because everyone that is alive today was basically raised by screens and what was put on them.