I don’t care if you vaccinate or not. If your child is vaccinated, he/she is protected, right?

I know, I know. You’re going to rebuttal that allowing vaccine exemptions compromises herd immunity. I went through the fallacy of heard immunity last time we had a measles outbreak. Take a look back. Nothing has changed. And no harm was done, except to your freedom of choice.

If you really want to decrease your chances of dying from measles, don’t go to India.

But what if? What if all states took away exemptions for vaccines? What would be the unintended consequences of making everyone get the shots? As I put thought into it, I see 3 unintended consequences for removing vaccine exemptions and none of them involve the spread of infectious disease.

Unintended Consequence #1: Less in Your Paycheck

Healthcare costs would drastically increase. They would have to. Vaccine makers aren’t just going to get everyone ‘up-to-date’ for free. That would literally decrease profits for their share holders and willingly lowering profits to share holders is called fraud.

The government may say that they will cover the costs but how does the government pay for anything? The costs get passed onto you through an increase in taxes…or I suppose from borrowing from other countries.

And you know who will be the most pissed? The people that don’t have kids or the families that have kids that have received all their shots. People get cranky when they are forced to pay for something they don’t use or when they get charged more for the same service as their neighbor. Seriously, how many deals can Comcast give to new customers when I’ve been using their service for years and get squat?

I’m also guessing that vaccine manufacturers will make a media push, conveniently telling us that they have a shortage of vaccines since ‘so many more kids are getting the shots’ (insert sarcasm, it’s only about 1.3% of kids that aren’t fully vaccinated) ‘We can’t keep up with demand, we’re drowning.’

The vaccine makers create a false supply issue and in the world of supply and demand, a low supply means a higher cost. Though, I doubt a 1% increase in manufacturing will deplete all material resources, somehow it will be reported as a national crisis on the news. And then the pro-vaccine people have something else to blame the anti-vax crowd on. “Before you were just exposing my kids. Now you’re taking away my treatment. I hope all your kids die so they don’t spread more disease or take away the shots for my kids.” If you think I’m embellishing, just read the comment section on any news article with the word vaccine tied to it.

But wouldn’t the government put a cap on what a vaccine maker can charge, even with an alleged low supply? If it’s forced on everyone, then it has to be accessible for everyone, right? I suppose it’s possible but why would they? As of 2017, 3/4th of the FDA budget (approximately $700 million) is funded by the pharmaceutical companies due to the Prescription Drug User Fee Act.

But you say it’s the CDC that is making this decision. The CDC is not innocent of mixing business with more business having stake in many of the companies that make the vaccines. Conflict of interest is the rule, not the exception in our decision making bodies. A shortage of vaccines to the American people means higher prices to the American people, with massive benefits reaped by the health officials that passed the laws in the first place.

Then who will pay for the mandates? If the American people are going to be forced to do something, they are going to expect that someone else pays for it. The next entity would be the insurance companies. Insurance companies are smart, they just pass the cost onto the consumer. If this becomes the case, expect a rise in your premiums, co-pays, and deductibles, more than they already do.

There’s no such thing as free healthcare. Someone is going to be paying for these increases in services.

What happens when there are damages from the vaccines? Despite the media telling you over and over again that they are safe, $4 BILLION have already been paid out due to damages and death. Expect that to only increase.

Who is going to pay for those? Who will fund VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) and the Vaccine Court (National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program)? Look in the mirror and you’ll see who is going to pay for these.

Unintended Consequence #2: Doctors Quitting

Doctors may love practicing medicine but doctors don’t love being told HOW to practice medicine. On second thought, I lied. Doctors actually don’t love the practice of medicine.

As doctors are dependent on insurance companies to pay them, they are forced to play by the rules of what treatments the insurance company will cover and devise a course of action based on that coverage.  

More and more doctor’s offices have to limit patient consults to single-condition issues. If they discuss more than one issue, they cannot bill more. So you’re stuck going back for another office visit to go over what you had hoped to discuss on the initial one. You’re at the mercy of the insurance company dictating care, not the doctor you’re sitting down with you knee to knee, and doctor’s don’t like that anymore than you do.

Where do the insurance companies get their information for safety and efficacy of the services and products they cover, that your doctor is basing treatment upon? From none other than the self-policed, FDA approving, pharmaceutical companies. No conflict there, right?

While the doctor plays by the rules, they still have to fight to actually get paid. Many times, it’s months later. The truth is that doctors are more apt to hate their job because they have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars learning how to ‘do no harm’ and decades of their life training how to help people live more comfortable lives. They became a physician to be the decision maker, not be a string in the 3rd party payer puppet show.

A large American physician survey in early 2016 found that 83% of doctors are disillusioned with medicine, and 63% are thinking of quitting in the next two years. But again, this problem isn’t just American. Single-payer systems such as the National Health Service in the UK have similar issues, to the point of thousands of doctors going on strike in the last year and leaving medicine at unprecedented rates due to dissatisfaction with conditions, pay, and systemic issues. According to a recent article, “A 2012 Medscape study found that 46 percent of primary care physicians showed such dissatisfaction with their careers, they wouldn’t pursue medicine if they could choose again. Another study, from the Physicians Foundation, found 60 percent of primary care doctors would not recommend a career in medicine. Just six percent described the morale of their colleagues as positive.” These statistics from 2012 have only gotten worse since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Maskell, James (2016-09-15). The Evolution of Medicine: Join the Movement to Solve Chronic Disease and Fall Back in Love with Medicine 

If doctors are already contemplating quitting, now they have another big brother making decisions for them. In real life, doctors don’t like to be micro managed and told what to do, it’s not just on TV dramas.

What if a doctor did grant a medical exemption? Those exemptions have to stay in place or the state government should be accused of practicing medicine without a license.

If a medical exemption was granted, news travels fast and the doctor will probably be punished for not playing by the rules. AND word will get out to parents that don’t want vaccines no matter how much social media sites try to block this information. As a result, that doc’s office will be slammed with other parents hoping for the same exemption. Hello 4 year waiting list practice.

If doctors are leaving the profession, then who will be around to take care of your kids when they are actually sick instead of just being a needle factory of rolled up sleeves? You want the best doctor for your child? Good luck. They have either jumped ship or they aren’t accepting new patients because they are the lone wolf that puts patients over policy and nobody can get in.

With a wide spread mandate, the vaccine industry will start looking like the CBD industry. Every where you go will be nurses walking around with needles. They will be at pharmacies. They will be at airports. They will be at schools. But if you went to a nurse and saw a Merck or Pfizer logo patch on her scrubs, wouldn’t you think twice about who is benefitting most from the vaccine mandate?

How many more drug companies will appear out of nowhere and get in the vaccine game just because they can?

Side Note: I would be part of the problem of doctors hating their job. If it came down to having my 4 boys vaccinated, I would make those office visits as long as possible and take as much time as feasible. We have A LOT of shots to catch up on and I have a LOT of questions to ask. I would ask the shot-giver to go through every single ingredient of every single shot and explain how that will benefit my child’s immune system. I would also lobby that if it’s so safe, then for every shot they give my child, they take one too, like a drinking game.

Sing it with me, “99 shots in the arm of my child, 99 shots in the arm. Poke one in, squeeze the syringe, 99 shots in the arm of my child.”

I may have to take a week off from my office for each of those visits. The ultimate plan is to get kicked out, refused service, and then my kids don’t get any of the forced shots.

Unintended Consequence #3: Increase in Autoimmune Illness Rates

Revisionist history is often ignored when there is so much at stake in terms of profits, especially guaranteed ones. What the pro-mandate side will tell you is that measles (and every communicable disease) drastically decreased after vaccine implementation, except the flu. The problem is that they only show you a graph that starts at 1950. How convenient.

If you back track and look at the entire century, you will see 90% of all infectious disease was wiped out before the vaccines were administered to the public. How inconvenient.

In that same time frame of the 1950s, antibiotics were also rampant and BIG medicine likes to celebrate that it was the vaccines and antibiotics that wiped out infectious disease. The reality is that sanitation and hygiene were the true winners. It’s in their own literature, from a revisionist historian.

“In conclusion, the largest historical decrease in morbidity and mortality caused by infectious disease was experienced not with the modern antibiotic and vaccine era, but after the introduction of clean water and effective sewer systems.”

The Journal of Pediatrics
December 1999, Vol. 135, No. 6, p. 663

Michael Hambidge, MD
Nancy Krebs, MD
Section of Nutrition, Department of Pediatrics

Ironically, Big Medicine is now seeing the unintended consequences of the antibiotic hype and are advising against using so many. But they still hang on to the sacred cow of vaccines with hundreds more in the pipeline.

If we look back around that convenient 1950 time frame, something started occurring as we piled on efforts to eliminate infectious disease that was already on the way out.

Inconveniently, it was the drastic increase in chronic illness, especially autoimmune disease. Medicine shifted us into the physiology of over stimulating our immune systems and now we have a nation with dramatically over-protective immune systems. And we’re surprised?

The autoimmune trend is only going to get worse as we continue to overstimulate immune systems as soon as kids exit the womb. Not surprising, medicine has turned a blind eye to the relationship between their interventions and autoimmune conditions.

They will deny it, but you have to look no further than your soon-to-be mandated vaccine package inserts. Autoimmune diseases are clearly listed in the adverse side effects section. It won’t say autoimmune disease. It will list a really weird sounding disease name. Look it up, it’s probably an autoimmune condition.

The Bottom Line

With all the signs unfortunately pointing at vaccines being mandated, this means more overactive immune responses with even higher rates of autoimmune disease, which will increase healthcare costs, leaving you with incompetent providers as the ‘good ones’ have probable jumped ship.

You may be pro-vaccine but think the flu shot is stupid. It doesn’t matter. You won’t be able to opt out…for every year of your life from 6 months until you die (or develop autoimmune or cancer – it’s not recommended to give vaccines to immune compromised people).

You may have gotten your kids all the recommended shots but scoff at the HPV because you only have boys. It doesn’t matter. Your right to choose will be gone, regardless if your male child has or doesn’t have a cervix (they don’t want to discriminate).

Worst of all, you have no recourse. Back in the ’80’s, the government also shielded the vaccine makers from liability in case of adverse effects. It’s only in the vaccine industry that this would fly because the pockets run deep for those that make the laws. Am I the only one that questions how a congress member can turn a low 6 figure income into an 8 figure net worth within a couple terms of ‘public service?’

Let’s Change the Characters in the Story

I like to play a logic game called change the characters in the story. Let’s change the vaccine industry to the car industry and see if our potential laws make us feel any better.

Imagine the government deemed Chevrolet vehicles safe for drivers and effective at getting you from point A to point B. Imagine there are about 1% of drivers that think Toyotas are way safer and refuse to drive Chevys. But because the government deemed Chevys both safe and effective, if you want to drive a car in the US, it has to be a brand new Chevy. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford a brand new Chevy, you still have to purchase one, no exemptions. And because the government reports ‘undisputed’ safety from the DOT (who all own stock in Chevy or have sat on the board of directors for Chevy at one time in their career), the government shields Chevy from any injury liability in case you got hurt from a vehicle accident.

You think Chevys suck? It doesn’t matter. You want to wait to save up before buying that Chevy for your child since they can’t drive yet? Tough luck. How many recalls do you think are going to happen? How many safety or efficacy improvements are going to be made? You wanted a red one? Keep dreaming. Your choices are gone.

Because Chevy is shielded from all liability, more laws are passed forcing you to buy one each year. As more are added, your property values plummet because everyone’s yard looks like an episode of hoarders. But there’s massive denial between an accumulation of vehicles on your front yard and a decrease in property values. It’s just the Anti-Chevyers chirping away on social media. You know, the ones that are primarily upper middle class with college degrees. Those fools.

That is the vaccine industry.

Vaccine exemption has never been a health issue. If infectious diseases were so deadly, we wouldn’t have had the baby boomer population. They would have all died before age 2.

This issue is a 100% political attack against your freedom to choose. It sets a dangerous precedent for all future medical interventions and your choice to receive or deny medical care.

We laugh at all the side effects of drugs at the end of a TV commercial but when it comes to vaccines and side effects, it’s never discussed or disclosed because it’s as sacred and hushed as the Boston Catholic Archdiocese and child molestation.

You would be outraged if you couldn’t choose your car, your religion, or your sports team (despite how dysfunctional my NY teams are). I urge you to channel some of that outrage into making sure you can choose what you feel is best for your child’s health outcomes. Vaccines are not a clear cut, safe, and effective decision. That’s just the agenda you are pushed to hear.


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      • Great article, refreshing new thoughts..I had a realization last night that actually our HERD may depending unvaccinated in the future….to keep the DNA clean and un mixed with various life forms of DNA including babies of the opposite sex..monkey, cow chicken etc… and another view I heard was about the spiritual aspects of souls kept alive to harvest their parts…there’s sooo much vaccinologists just dont know because they have a ONE TRACK mind…(yes pun included..the tracks like addict)