I have an N=3 (3 participants) study regarding the safety of the CBD oil I have been using. I had been using it daily for 3 weeks. The key word is ‘had.’ Why? Because about a week ago the bottle was polished off by my 5 and 3 year old.

They had snuck into mine and my wife’s bathroom while they were supposed to be resting in their bedroom. I had left the bottle of CBD oil sitting on the counter.

Things seemed eerily quiet and when my wife went to check on the boys, she found them under our bed with an empty bottle. We can’t get a straight answer out of them regarding how much each consumed. But over all, there was still about a week’s worth of CBD oil left and a bone dry dropper bottle.

I got a frantic call from my wife asking if they would be ok. “No idea, but we will know sooner than later.” What we know after about a week’s time is that there are no immediate ill effects. The 5 year old did have a case of the scoots for a day but that has been the only difference in either’s mood, activity levels, and immune expression.

With that said, I would say the brand I am using is a safe product.

Something else to consider is that we have been around a number of families with sick kids and ours haven’t even expressed a sniffle. So there’s that.

And no, they didn’t act high. The product I have been using has all batches independently tested and verified at the time of bottling to contain less than 0.0% THC. Since it is derived from hemp, one should always assume there are trace amounts of THC in the product. The Federal Farm bill allows hemp-derived products to contain as much as 0.3% THC per dry weight.

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