I just read a great blog post from one of my most favorite authors on the planet,  Seth Godin.  It was only 2 sentences long.  It goes something like this:

“Don’t measure anything unless the data helps you make a better decision or change your actions.  If you’re not prepared to change your diet or workouts, don’t get on the scale.” – Seth Godin.

Mr. Godin is in the marscaleketing world but he just nailed one of the biggest reasons why our healthcare system fails to create health. We have become a nation that is focused on our numbers.  Most people know their total cholesterol, blood pressure, their weight, and maybe even their blood sugar levels.

The problem is that with all the emphasis on the numbers, only 1 solution has been offered…a drug to control that number.  We have been led to believe that the only reasonable and successful manner to manage those numbers is through chemistry not innate to the body.

Commercials may make mention of the ‘in addition to exercise and a sensible diet,’ but really there is no clear direction on those lifestyle suggestions and therefore they will probably fail.  You never get a prescription to “just take some of these pills.”  There’s clear direction on how much to take, for how long, and what drug specifically.

If you’re concerned about your numbers but also concerned about the number of pills you take to control those numbers, then I suggest you seek out a professional that will give you clear, definable lifestyle actions that will support your body to achieve your desired numbers.

It’s very primitive but I have started assembling some trusted professionals that can do just that for you.  Check them out.  The list is small but will continue to grow.  If you love your health professional and want to see them on the More Health Less Healthcare ‘Rockn’ Recommended Providers’ list, please contact us to say, ‘My doc rocks.’



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