At Dr. Kurt’s Place: Functional Chiropractic and Lifestyle Medicine, we use principles of Functional Medicine to help uncover the WHY of your chronic ailment; then use Functional Chiropractic and Lifestyle Medicine to support your body and lead you down a path so you can create More Health, Less HealthCare.  The WHY you feel the way you do can be deficiencies and toxicities in your physical, chemical, emotional, social, and spiritual manners.

We use Functional Medicine to uncover WHY you’re sick and ailing.  We use Functional Chiropractic to assess HOW you’re going to respond to care.  And we use Lifestyle Medicine to create WHAT you’re going to do to get better.  What sets Dr. Kurt Perkins DC apart is that he has developed the Kalus Method to not only uncover the root cause of your illness but create an individualized plan of action.  Don’t take our word for it.  See what others are saying.

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Functional Lab Analysis

Most likely, your doctor is going to judge your labs based on the ‘normal reference range.’  This is often misleading as those ranges are based on a statistical bell curve that lumps 95.4% of the population as normal.  Normal must mean healthy, right?  Not so much.

Dr. Kurt DC’s interpretation tightens those normal ranges quite a bit to be a more predictive and preventative value opposed to waiting until you’re out of range and then taking action to ‘manage your condition.’  Does waiting until you have an illness and then treating it sound like a good plan?

If you get vitamin D checked, the normal range is typically 30 – 100 ng/ml.  If you score 30.1, your doctor will tell you ‘everything is fine.’  In reality, 30 is the minimum amount needed to prevent rickets.  I think we can do much better than just preventing rickets.

Another problem with the normal ranges is that it’s skewed to an old model of healthcare.  You will see this with cholesterol levels.  Since the early 80’s, there has been a great attack on cholesterol.  The theory is that high cholesterol causes heart disease.  Each decade the normal values are reassessed and lowered in hopes of preventing heart disease deaths.  Instead, heart disease increases and is the number 1 killer of both men and women in our country.  Maybe it’s time to look at other factors.

Maybe you’re concerned with your thyroid?  You may feel like your doctor is doing a good job at managing it by checking only TSH.  This is lazy healthcare.  There are many other factors that go behind a well functioning thyroid.  Only checking TSH is like your mechanic only checking your tire pressure on your car and ignoring fuel levels, oil levels, coolant levels, and brake fluid.

After analyzing your labs, you are left with an extensive report (often time 5-6 pages), explaining the connections of what is happening, and a plan of action to support your body instead of treating a diagnosis.  Spoiler alert, many of those solutions are going to point you back to addressing nervous system balance and lifestyle factors.

What if I already have labs?

No problem, bring them in to be read.  There will be a $175 charge to have those labs read and interpreted.  This is to cover his time as he spends on average 3 hours combing through the findings to interpret and write up an individualized report to help you move towards your health goals.

The Kalus Method is based on combining functional chiropractic, lifestyle medicine, and functional lab analysis with the concepts of functional medicine to get you to reach your health goals in an individualized manner.

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