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For those in Colorado, you may think Lifestyle Medicine has something to do with Marijuana.  I guess in some circles it does but not at the true sense of creating More Health Less HealthCare.

At Dr. Kurt’s Place: Functional Chiropractic and Lifestyle Medicine, this component is all about giving you the tools and the WHAT to do to reverse your condition.  Chronic illness is death by 1,000 cuts.  Those cuts are your choices.  Those choices can be broken down into a couple categories.  There is no greater determining factor to the quantity and quality of your life than your choices, even if you have a truly genetic condition.

You may think your illness is genetic.  Only about 2% of disease is genetic.  Just because it runs in your family doesn’t mean it’s genetic.  Don’t confuse family history with genetic history.

Family history is Epi-genetic history.  Epi-genetics is the interplay between your environment (your choices) and your DNA.  If your choices provide your DNA with what it requires for health and recovery, you will have great health and feel amazing.  If your choices don’t provide your DNA with that it requires, your DNA will signal for your body to adapt.

Let’s say you are outside and the temperature drops.  Your nervous system recognizes the change in temperature and signals to the DNA to regulate body temperature.

Or maybe you just got cut off in traffic. Your nervous system recognizes a potential danger and fires signals to your DNA to go into protective mode.  This protective mode may increase your blood pressure, increase your blood sugar, and activate muscles to stomp the brake pedal.  Short term, this is life saving.  If your body is always in alert phase, these changes can be dangerous to your longevity.

Your choices can shift your nervous system to survival mode.  The irony is that in survival, you literally break the body apart to keep going.  Being in survival too long will cause you to expire earlier than you expected.

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What lifestyle medicine does, is add the 3rd piece to your health recovery action plan.   We use Functional Medicine to uncover WHY you’re sick and ailing.  We use Functional Chiropractic to assess HOW you’re going to respond to care.  And we use Lifestyle Medicine to create WHAT you’re going to do to get better.

What sets Dr. Kurt Perkins DC apart is that he has developed the Kalus Method to not only uncover the root cause of your illness but create an individualized plan of action.  Don’t take our word for it.  See what others are saying.

If you have questions if we can help, feel free to take advantage of our free 15 minute phone consultation.  You can also call us at 719-602-4545.