1. Do You Take My Insurance?

Sadly this is the one of the first questions people want to know.  Why is it sad?  There are thousands of doctors that accept your insurance but won’t help you get better.  The first question should be, “Can you help me with my specific problem?”  We don’t know until we talk about it first.  I encourage you to book a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to see if we can help you before we discuss anything else.

The short answer is that we do not contract with any insurance carriers.

The long answer is this: As more and more regulations are put into place due to the Affordability Care Act, it is ironically limiting what we can do within the confines of those contracts with insurance companies, by limiting visits, requiring a referral first, and/or having another doctor manage your care when he/she has no idea what we do or are trying to accomplish.  

With a mission of ‘More Health, Less HealthCare,’ this means the patient’s needs (you) come first.  Adding a third-party interrupts the consistency and continuity of care.  Imagine having to check with your phone carrier each time you wanted to call or text your spouse.  If your spouse wanted to receive those calls, he/she would have to ask permission first and then send a letter with the full description of your encounter to the phone carrier before they will allow that call or text to be covered under your plan.  By the way, the phone carrier can change the rules at any time they desire.  

As deductibles get higher and higher being a network provider, there’s little to no difference between in network and out of network coverage or out-of-pocket expense from the patient.  The big difference is that your needs can be met sufficiently and efficiently if you and Dr. Kurt are in a working relationship.  Care is between you and Dr. Kurt DC.    

Ironically, the more you use your insurance, the more your premiums are going to increase each year.  By choosing to pay out-of-pocket for functional chiropractic and lifestyle medicine services in Colorado Springs, your insurance company stays out of the mix, thus keeping your ‘risk’ to them lower.

2. How Much Do Your Services Cost?

The short answer is that it varies.  I will say the initial visit is $175.  Prior to our visit, we want to do homework.  Dr. Kurt wants to comb through your health history and review any labs/imaging you may have had in the past 18 months or so before you sit down together for that initial visit to create an action plan.

The long answer is that it depends on your individual wants, needs, and health goals.  Because we provide and recommend services based on your unique situation, there is no standard answer.  The standard question is going to be, “what are your goals?”  The best results come to those that follow the Kalus Method to the best of their ability.

Some people just use the functional chiropractic services.  Some people just use the functional medicine and lifestyle medicine services.  Some people use them in combination.  A lot of people graduate from one level of service to a lesser level of service as they implement the ‘More Health, Less Healthcare’ lifestyle.

We think, before you ever spend a dime at our office, that you make sure we are a good fit for what you are looking for in a doctor as well as a healthcare setting.  We may get the best results or we may be the most affordable in town but if you’re not comfortable with your doctor or expectations are not clear, you will have a bad experience.

This is why we invite you to book a free 15 minute phone consultation before ever stepping foot in our office to see if we are a right fit together.  It has to be a great fit for you.  If you’re only going to work with a doctor that accepts your insurance, you will probably be frustrated right off the bat.

3. Can I use my HSA or FSA account?

Absolutely!  We think these are the best type of plans on the market as YOU can decide where you want to spend your healthcare dollars and get tax savings on top.  We provide the necessary documentation to make sure you are in compliance.

4. Do You Take Care of Kids?

Absolutely.  About 30% of the clients each week at our office are children.  We are not replacing their pediatrician but as more and more parents want a more holistic and natural approach, the pediatrician is used more for emergency type concerns.  We have helped many minors with ear infections, constipation, reflux, sleep issues, and even migraines.  Yes, more and more kids are getting migraines these days.