Do You Treat “_______” Condition?

We don’t treat the condition, we support the person.  The advantage of using root cause healthcare is that many conditions have very similar underlying imbalances.  What makes us individuals is how we express those imbalances.  For example, I could line up 5 people with hypothyroid and all 5 had different paths in their journey.  One may have childhood trauma.  Another may have heavy metal toxicity.  Another may have auto-immunity.  Another may be nutrient deficient.  And another may have a hormone imbalance.  This is why our intake process is thorough.

With that said, there are a number of conditions that dramatically improve and resolve through functional medicine:

CARDIO METABOLIC CONDITIONS (diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease)

NEUROLOGICAL AND PSYCHIATRIC CONDITIONS (depression, attention deficit disorder, and migraine headaches)

DIGESTIVE DISORDERS (irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, chronic pancreatitis, acid reflux, and diverticulosis)

AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and celiac disease)

SKIN DISORDERS (psoriasis, acne, and eczema)

HORMONAL PROBLEMS (thyroid conditions, chronic fatigue, and menopause)

Do You Take My Insurance?

Sadly this is the one of the first questions people want to know.  Why is it sad?  There are thousands of doctors that accept your insurance but won’t help you get better.  The first question should be, “Can you help me?”  We don’t know until we talk about it first.  I encourage you to book a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to see if we can help you before we discuss anything else.

The other issue with insurance is that it’s diagnosis centered.  We strive to be patient centered.  Too many times people have entered our office feeling like garbage but told there’s nothing that can be done because their labs are within range.  They are told to go home and wait until the labs go out of range, then they can be labeled with a diagnosis code and submit to insurance.  Waiting until you’re sick enough to get treatment isn’t healthcare, that’s insanity.

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

The initial visit is $249.  Prior to our visit, we want to do homework.  We comb through your health history and review any labs/imaging you may have had in the past before we sit down together for that initial visit to create an action plan.  Next steps are often ordering specialized testing that assess your dysfunction.  The range of those testings are $200 – $1000, depending on what is needed.  Once all information is gathered, a personalized program is set in place with the ultimate intention of teaching and leading you into developing new life skills so you can ultimately fire your doctor.  Be prepared to invest $2200 – $3200 on your program, lasting on average 6 months.

Why Do You Charge a Program Fee?

Program fees cost you less than doing everything a-la-cart.  Have you ever seen your EOB from a hospital visit or doctor’s office?  You’re getting charge for every interaction imaginable.  You’re charged for a blood pressure reading, you’re charged for the 5 minutes the surgeon stopped to check your chart.  You’re charged for the TV remote.  A program allows us to support you the best way can without adding more cost.  Need more time with the doctor?  It’s covered.  Need a change in a supplement?  It’s covered.

Can My Doctor Order The Tests?

Honestly, if your doctor new about these tests or under stood them, he/she would have already ordered them.  These aren’t standard yearly basic labs.  These labs get to the root of your issues, help us understand what body systems are most disrupted, and help us sequence action steps so you get the best, most lasting results possible.

Can I use my HSA or FSA account?

Absolutely!  We think these are the best type of plans on the market as YOU can decide where you want to spend your healthcare dollars and get tax savings on top.  We provide the necessary documentation to make sure you are in compliance.

Do You Take Care of Kids?

Absolutely.  About 30% of the clients each week at our office are children.  We are not replacing their pediatrician but as more and more parents want a more holistic and natural approach, the pediatrician is used more for emergency type concerns.  We have helped many minors with ear infections, constipation, reflux, sleep issues, and even migraines.  Yes, more and more kids are getting migraines these days.