I wrote a book.  It’s probably not for you.  If you’re reading this, you’re more choir than congregation to my message.  This is why I haven’t promoted it that much to you.  There’s really nothing ground breaking in it that you probably haven’t heard me say or someone else say when it comes to health related content.

In fact, I didn’t set out to write a health book.  I actually set out writing a blog post as a call to action for leaders to focus on health outcomes as one of their greatest strategies to expand their effectiveness as a leader.  It just kept building until one day I looked up and tens of thousands of words had been written.  Much too long for a blog post.

Even more, it was mostly intended for pastors of small congregations or those small business entrepreneurs that have roles of being the CEO, accountant, IT department, marketing, and facilities.  It’s for the leader, no matter the size of the following that does it all and won’t stop until it’s all done (hello super moms).  These are the people that need to find rest before rest finds them.  These are the people that look a lot like my brother, who died at age 37, and my father, who developed Alzheimer’s by his late 60’s and is under 24 hour surveillance being a hostage to his own home.  Both great leaders with great aspirations, that ignored (at least in my eyes), the single greatest determining factor on their leadership effectiveness and longevity…their health.

I’ve seen too many of those leaders, both my family and clients, that face burn out or have faced burn out.  They are then coming to me with health conditions that could have been prevented with a little TLC of their health to keep leadership effectiveness strong.  If this is you, then I’m wrong, you will get value out of this book.  If you don’t think you’re a leader, then you’re wrong again.  If you have influence (good or bad) with even one other person, you are a leader.  And again, you will find value in these pages.

Steward Leadership Book

The book does have a Christian theme running through it.  For that, it may not be for you.  It’s not to push a religious agenda on you but to demonstrate that contradictions lead to destruction.  Christians serve a God that are taught that humans are created in God’s image.  For those that identify themselves with the Christian faith, I don’t visualize the creator of  Heaven and Earth to resemble what humans have developed into being.  I don’t picture God obese, fatigued, and dependent on Prozac, Lipitor, and caffeine to get him through each day.  The image of God and the reality of humans, especially those in the Christian faith is a major contradiction.  Contradictions lead to destruction.

Sadly, it’s the pastors that seem the most run down, leading to an early grave.  Maybe they’re just trying to get to Heaven faster.  After all, Jesus dies at 33 and has had the single greatest influence on humanity the past 2,000 years.  I guess it’s a way to model your life span but I don’t recommend it.  It hasn’t really worked for anyone else.

If the name Jesus, the Christian faith, or Biblical references make you uneasy, then this book probably isn’t for you.  Or maybe it is for you as I build a whole section of the book based on some Ayn Rand teachings, an outspoken atheist, whose principles have made me a better father, husband, practitioner, leader, and dare I say it, Christian.

With that said, my book probably isn’t for you but I bet you know someone that could benefit from the principles and concepts I detail to help those small organizational leaders achieve more at their role by being more but doing less.  If you’re confused what being more by doing less is, again, I’m wrong, this book is for you.

You can get it here or get a free sneak peek here.


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