I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or there’s something to this meat thing but I’ve broken through a few physical feats this month that have in the past been continual challenges.  One of those is a strict muscle up on the rings.  That changed this morning.  I finally broke through the strict muscle up barrier.  The leg flip at the end is debatable if it would be allowed by the judges.

Animal Based August

I’m not going to give the meat all the credit but coaches and mentors that have created these challenges so I’m better at life.  A coach or mentor is no different that what I try to provide in terms of my function medicine practice. I don’t seek to embark knowledge on clients.  There is more than enough knowledge and information on this website for you to get yourself well.

I seek to embark wisdom with my clients.  What’s the difference?  Wisdom is knowledge with experience.  My team has had health challenges personally and we have walked with hundreds that face similar challenges as you.  The people that get great results have 3 things in common:  They are open to instruction, they increase in learning, and they obtain guidance.

That guidance can either be priceless or worthless, even though it costs the same.  It’s priceless to those that implement.  It’s worthless to those that don’t.  People ask what can they expect for results with our office?  I can only answer that with my own question.  What can I expect with your level of effort and consistency?  Functional medicine is a very different experience than your traditional office.  We focus on systems and origins, not symptoms and organs.

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  1. Looked like a “good rep” to me. Congratulations!

    Love the series and your follow through. Especially love that you’re bringing nutrient density to the carnivore / keto / primal message. This is from our Tallow page…


    — What kind of foods produced such fine physical specimens (well-formed, strong, resistant to degenerative disease and cavity-free) in our early Native American ancestors? It turns out that the diets varied with great diversity but all were based on the nose-to-tail dining of large game animals like bear, buffalo, moose and dear.[2] Nose-to-tail dining means that nothing was left to waste. Our DNA evolved with the nourishment of liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, spleen, tallow, etc… and a whole lot of fat. The fat was always saved, sometimes by rendering, stored in the paunch, bladder or large intestine, and consumed with dried or smoked meat or pemmican. Used in this way, fat contributed almost 80 percent of total calories in the diets of the northern Indians. Most prized was the internal kidney fat of ruminant animals.

    NOTE: Tallow is made from rendering suet, which is the hard, white fatty layer that surrounds an animal’s organs, specifically the loins and kidneys. —