There’s really nothing remarkable to report.  I feel great.  I don’t have any profound improvements but I also feel I was at a very good starting point before heading into this journey.

The weekends provide a mental challenge as I have way more down time than during the week.  Being at home, with free time opens the door to grazing and snacking.  But with essentially only eating meat, this takes out the snacking.  If I was actually hungry and not just trying to fill time with activity, I would have to fire up the grill or heat up a pan and actually cook something.  Eating this way deters mindless snacking.  I’m not craving the carby snacks either.  I wouldn’t mind crunching into an apple or enjoying some seasons peaches but I will hold off.

One thing I was curious about was how my gums would respond to the diet.  I’ve had a number be concerned that my dental and gum health was going to be shot and I would just be a bleeding mess of a mouth at the end of the month.

So far so good.  No bleeding while brushing.  No bleeding while flossing.

Another concern (probably my wife’s more than me) is that I was going to be gassy.  Not the case at all.  I’m had zero gas and zero belly bloat.  If the living room stinks, I can honestly blame it on the dogs or the kids with a guilt free conscience. ‘It wasn’t me.’


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