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    During the first trimester visit, many medical practitioners will tell pregnant women not to lift more than 15 lbs until 6 weeks after the birth of their baby (maybe). I Read More

    I’ve reached out for some help with the content on the site.  I’m lucky to have an article written by Nutritionist Sara Vance, author of the book The Perfect Metabolism Plan. Read More

    Guest Post – Dr. Scott A. Mills DC One thing I have not done much of on this website is to discuss pain, muscle issues, and other structural problems that Read More

    The Unexpected Physical Consequences of Modern Technology aka ‘sitting is suicide.’ Don’t get me wrong, technology is great! We live in an era where pretty much whatever we want to know/learn Read More

    Create a Safe Space. Hospital birth, in the media is portrayed as something dangerous and scary, something to be afraid of and something where anything and everything could go wrong Read More