I’m noticing some small changes in my body.  I feel like I’m leaning out and possibly losing a couple pounds.  Not the direction I want to go but that goes to show what carbs do to my body.  I’m eating 300-400 more calories per day than I was previous to the experiment but am getting smaller.  I feel my cardio capacity is returning.  One week ago I was tanked 8 minutes into a workout that would have been 25ish minutes.  Yesterday we had a 7 minute burner of as many rounds of 200 meter row followed by 50 doubleunders.  I felt smooth and no more winded than I would have been previous to the month starting.

I am also noticing that I feel my heart rate in my chest.  I will also say it’s in the afternoon after having a coffee.  Previous, if I had coffee at virtually any time, I go could go straight to bed and sleep great.  Now, I feel like it has that amping up effect.  Does this mean my liver is cleaning out and therefore I’m more sensitive to stimulants or does it mean I’m overloading my liver and the caffeine is adding more fuel to the fire?

In ether case, I will add some more variable to the equation and play with my caffeine intake and see if that helps with the heart pounding.

I will say this past Tuesday, Taco Tuesday was a dud.  I just had a plate of taco meat.  I desperately wanted to add the guac on top.  But avocados don’t have faces.  So to answer if I will continue after the 30 days?  Probably not because there are foods that I want to eat like avocados, macadamia nuts, fruits, etc.  My wife and I are going out this weekend without the kids and we found a German restaurant that has a sausage platter.  I’ll eat the sausage but it would also be nice to eat the sour kraut too.  So for that reason, I’ll add variety back in.  If I was trying to overcome an issue and I was feeling amazing, I would continue.  But this is more of an experiment to see what an animal based diet does to me physiologically.


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