Day 5 was a Sunday, which is usually pretty chill at our house.  I typically sleep in until 6ish, no workout, head to church with the family, maybe get lunch on the way home.   As I was reflecting on the diet, I think the benefit of doing something like this (you pick anything), is just the practice of delayed gratification.  We went to our favorite Indian buffet for lunch and while there were plenty of options of meat based meals, there were a couple dishes that I love that just have to wait until the month is over.  And that’s ok.

I challenge you to look at next month and give up something for the month that you love.  It could be a food related item like sugar.  It could be your favorite social media platform.  It could be Netflix.  If you feel you’re planning your day around this one particular item, that is being done for just pure pleasure and doesn’t increase your productivity for other life activities, maybe that’s the one to pick.  I’m debating doing a coffee fast next month.  Coffee serves no benefit to me other than I like having it and I think has become more routine than anything.

Today, day 6 started with a Hero WOD called Hot Shots 19 at 5 am. It’s a lengthy one so I was a bit nervous going into it.  Last week, after my first day of Animal Based August, I tanked after a 2,000 meter row (8 minutes).  This workout, in completion, would take me between 40-45 minutes, scaling the weight a bit.

My HRV said I should still back off but I haven’t had full confidence in the new finger sensor so I decided to push a bit today.  I made it through 4 rounds before I called it quits around 27 minutes.  Definitely not to my expected fitness level but I’m starting to adapt.  If 8 minutes tanked me last week of continuous cardio, I consider 27 minutes a win and much progress.

I should be getting my initial lab work in any day to see my baselines before the experiment.  I’ll be sure to share.


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