Stem cell therapy is really sexy to those that have suffered with poor health and chronic pain for a long time. You can have fresh, brand new cells with no identity injected into your body to then become healthy, vibrant cells of your choice to reverse the chronic problem.

But there’s one question that immediately pops into my head when I hear someone excited about stem cell therapy.

Why Are Your Current Cells Failing?

It’s not genetic. At least not in the sense that your genes are plotting against you to take your life enjoyment away.

You can argue that it is genetic in that all your cells have a blue print for healthy success called DNA. The problem with a blue print is that it cannot build the structure. It just provides instructions. In order for that blue print to come alive and thrive, you have to choose the appropriate building materials.

Your trillions of cells have requirements for their function and longevity. They require certain nutrients, pH levels, oxygen levels, stimulation, temperature, and cleanliness.

When you don’t hold up your end of the bargain in providing what your cells need, they aren’t going to hold up their end of the bargain in supporting your life goals, dreams, and enjoyments.

And if you aren’t providing what is needed for your current cells, what makes you (or the clinic injecting them) so confident that the new energetic cells will succeed?

It’s like giving an ISIS group a brand new baby and expecting the innocence of the baby to rub off on the terrorists. Sure, they may be cute and cuddly with it for a short period but at some point, that child gets trained in the ways of killing, stealing, and destroying.

This doesn’t mean there can’t be great benefits with stem cell therapy, it just means that if you want more impactful results, you have to address the reasons that your current cells are getting destroyed in the first place. Unless the clinic injecting the stem cells has a plan of action to clean up your internal environment BEFORE injecting stem cells, be very cautious at what type of results may be expected.


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