Zilis Ultra Cell isn’t a CBD product, it’s a High CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with 94% absorption and 12 hour bioavailability. Most CBD products do not have synergistic cannabinoids or absorption technology. These are two important reasons why people notice more benefits from Ultra Cell. 

Helps people (and animals) with improved mood, mental clarity, sleep, pain, stress, brain health, and overall wellness.

Whole Plant Extract From Organic Hemp.

High CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.

Cannabinoids work best in synergy, not isolated and manipulated in a lab.  Friends don’t let friends use CBD isolate! CBD isolate is not a useful form of hemp and it can come from untraceable, often toxic sources.

CO2 Extraction.

Cleanest method of extraction with no added chemicals.

Liposomal Absorption

Because hemp oil is very hard to absorb, which is what can make it so expensive when you have to take a lot to absorb a little.

Because the absorption is so much better, the dosage is much lower than other products, which also translates into cost effectiveness. A 1 ounce bottle of Zilis Ultra Cell typically lasts 30-60 days.

Ultra Cell has a third party study that showed up to 94% absorption and 12 hour bioavailability.

One of my former classmates and colleagues has asked 40 (Yes, FORTY!) CBD companies for an absorption study and only 2 produced them. Only Zilis Ultra Cell was done by a third party. The other company had an in-house absorption test (not as objective as a third party test) of a liposomal CBD which resulted in only 4 hour bioavailability (compared to Zilis’ 12 hour bioavailability).

Tastes great. My kids approve. Safe for people, kiddos, and pets (though I haven’t given it to our dogs)

Ultra Cell is alcohol free and tastes great! There are 3 flavors – unflavored, lemon, and berry.  The berry flavor is Acai if curious.