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  Energy Gadgets I’m not big into the energy world.  I understand there are countless electromagnetic influences surrounding us each minute but rarely are those the type of strategies I Read More

I hope you heard the news that MEDICAL ERRORS are now the 3rd leading cause of death in the US.  Just so it sinks in a little bit; there’s heart Read More

Earlier this week, mega star High Jackman posted this on his Instagram page.  In case you missed it, here it is. Mr. Jackman is making a plea for anyone that Read More

It’s natural (no pun intended) for people seeking help at my clinic to want a natural solution to their problems.  More often than not, they have started that journey on Read More

Detoxes are like CrossFit Hero WODS.  You know it’s going to suck, you do it anyway, and feel good because it’s over, not necessarily because of what you did.  I always Read More

The supplement industry is a trillion dollar industry.  Each company that makes a supplement claims that theirs is the best.  With so many to choose from and so man claiming Read More

What’s the difference between Hospice Care and traditional Health Care?  Nothing.  Think about it. The Providers: Providers in either scenario are generally kind, have a great intention to help people Read More

If you have done shopping the past 6 months, you will notice an ever-increasing attention to show off a label that screams ”Non-Toxic.’  This seems really great on the surface until Read More