I was pleasantly surprised to hit a couple new PRs in lifting today with a 6 rep back squat and 3 rep bench press.  In all honestly, I’m loving eating like this.  It tastes good, it keeps me satiated, and I am functioning well.  It’s also cool to not feel guilty seeing this on your plate.  I’ve been looking forward to this.

Functional Medicine

I’m getting messages from other people curious about this carnivore or meat only thing.  I can only speak from experience.  The studies that claim meat is causing so many illnesses look at population studies where those same people are also eating the average American 300 grams of carbs per day.  So I keep going back to the question posed by Dr. Gundry in ‘The Plant Paradox’ wondering, ‘is nutrition success more about what we avoid rather than what we consume?’

I think we grossly underestimate the human expression.  We are highly adaptable organisms that don’t need perfection, just consistency.  And there’s the thought that maybe we put too much emphasis on diet.  When I look at the other factors that influence my life, I have an amazing wife and cool kids (though really loud), my vocation amplifies my passion and purpose, I consider myself fit, and I am well connected to a social group of male peers that are up lifting.  Another factor that is hard to quantify is that I have also managed to avoid major trauma and injury thus far in life.   Nothing is perfect but everything is pretty consistent in supporting my personal values.

None of this happened randomly, but with extreme intention and action.  As you hone in an eating plan that works for you, just remember there are more influences on your nutrition than just your food intake.  Start taking inventory of your lifestyle, which isn’t just diet and exercise.  Correct the contradictions and regularly take inventory.

The unexamined life is not worth living. – Socrates



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