The Aging Brain Workshop

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The Aging Brain Workshop.  Tuesday, June 28th @ 6:00 pm.

Rockrimmon Library

  • Identifying Risk Factors

    Learn the underlying risk factors that lead to cognitive decline, how to test them, and how to interpret them.

  • Let’s Dialogue, Not Lecture

    This is not a support group.  This is a community of people looking for answers to prevent brain decline with action, in a non-drug manner.

  • Create an Action Plan

    Address the 3 major areas of your life that will create cognitive.  Take action in an easy, comfortable, and sustainable manner.

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Space is limited at the Rockrimmon library so reserve your seat.

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See What People Just Like You Have to Say

“More HEALTH, Less Healthcare” is Dr. Kurt’s practice and passion. Carve out the time to attend one of his engaging presentations, and you’ll leave with actionable information for yourself and the people you care about.”

Rose J.

“At 31 years old, with foggy thinking, memory lapse, being tearful, having heart palpitations, sleep disturbed, pain in EVERY joint in my body, dizziness, allergies, being irritable, and anxious, I faced living like this the rest of my life.  It really sucks living like this.  5 months later, my pain is drastically down, I’m not on any pain killers, my energy is up, I sleep better, and I look forward to life opposed to having to just deal with it.”

Nikki W.

“I am so thankful when we moved out here that we met Dr. Kurt. He has also helped me in my health journey, given me ideas for what to research, where to look, given me health advice and diet and exercise advice.  He gave me an honest straight forward approach to targeting the ROOT cause and not masking or treating symptoms.  Without him, I would not be feeling as great as I am today.”

Bri H.

“Our family has been going to Dr. Kurt for 3 years now. One of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We are definitely more healthier than we have ever been.”

Lindsie B.

“It didn’t take me too long into this talk to realize this has been not only the best speaker of this summit, but one of the best I have heard in any summit recently (Fat summit, Gut health summit, etc…) Some one who can not only gather, digest, and understand all of the processes in the body, but deliver it properly, teach it in a way that sticks, use appropriate illustrations, and give credible answers as to the “why” and “how” of his conclusions. Perfectly paced without any “it worked for me” science that others rely on. Dr. Perkins, if there is any chance you read this, I am reaching out to you. Being a nutritional therapist myself, I know where I need to expand and what I lack. You sir, are the direction I need:)”


Reserve Your Seat

Space is limited at the Rockrimmon library so reserve your seat.

We value your privacy and would never spam you