So Co Speaker

Do you need a speaker for your Southern Colorado  group or company? Look no further than So Co speaker, Dr. Kurt Perkins DC (that’s me).

In addition to our Upcoming Events, I do presentations, classes, and workshops to small & large groups and companies throughout the So Co region. All you need to do is contact me to discuss the details of your group’s needs and timing. Then we can get you on the schedule and make that private presentation happen!

Wondering what topics I cover? Below are a just a few of my recent topics. If there is something specific you have in mind, please let me know.


The ABCs of Lost Productivity and Profits and the 4 P’s to Prosperity: 80% of the American workforce suffers with chronic disease.  Identify the top 3 things that wreck your productivity and profits and implement the 4 Ps of Prosperity to achieve your desired level of success.

Is It Really Your Thyroid? – Is your doctor solely focused on your TSH score? The thyroid is the canary in the coal mine. A condition that is often poorly treated by modern medicine, leaving those who suffer with a life-long battle to be properly regulated. Learn the real causes behind thyroid dysfunction, the absolute tests to assess thyroid function, and what you can do to overcome it, naturally.

Not-So-Obvious-Toxic-Top-10 –  Are you really doing more harm than good with a detox? Are those symptoms of headaches and aches and pain a sign the detox is working or a sign that you’re setting yourself up for more problems?  Do you starve yourself and call it a detox?  Unpack the not-so-obvious toxic top 10 to ensure your success.

Debunking Heart Disease – The past 40 years, the government has attacked cholesterol and fat.  The results is that heart disease is at an all time high.  Almost 1 million people die each year of heart disease.  Was it just the ones that forgot to take their cholesterol drugs or ate a high fat diet?  Not at all.  Learn the 5 underlying factors of heart disease your doctor doesn’t address…cholesterol is NOT one of them.

Groups that have invited me to speak:

MommyConACSIMOPSTOPS, Crossing Your Bridge, Tri-Lakes Business IncubatorNatural GrocersHolistic Moms Network, Faith Covenant Church, Compassion International, El Paso County, International MOMS Club, Colorado Springs School, Baby Cotton Bottoms, Pikes Peak Coders, and more.