I think I’ve found the term that sets me off just as fast as when someone says, ‘I’m busy.’

The equally annoying phrase is, ‘Everything in moderation.’

Let’s make this short, simple and to the point.  Moderation is the fastest road to mediocrity and an early grave.  I dare you to live your life by this mantra and see where you end up.

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Do you moderately beat your dog?  Do you moderately smoke crack?  Do you moderately cheat on your wife?  Do you moderately shoot your rifle into crowds of people?  Do you moderately pay your mortgage?

You think those are extreme examples?  What does eating things in moderation look like?  What does exercising in moderation feel like?  What does being moderately grateful do for your mood?

When I hear people say, ‘I’m busy,’ it send a red flag up my spine to the actual meaning of ‘foolishly active.’  When people say, ‘everything in moderation,’ all I hear is justification after justification.  Just be honest with yourself and those around you.  If you aren’t going to do something, it’s ok to say, ‘no.’  Stop justifying that behavior that you have no intention of fulfilling.

When people do get to the point that their pain is greater than their pleasure, it’s amazing how that person won’t justify their moderations anymore.  I’ve yet to meet someone that I admire and strive to be that got to their level of living through moderation.


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