Is It Really Your Thyroid Video

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Hey, my name is Dr. Kurt Perkins DC CCWP CFMP.  I paid a lot of money for all those initials after my name but they don’t really matter unless I can help solve your problem.  In fact, there are a lot of professionals with impressive initials after their names yet have no tools to help you get better.

My passion is to get you to create ‘More Health, Less HealthCare.’  What makes my heart sing is helping good people out of bad situations.  One of the worst situations someone can face is poor health.  One of my favorite quotes is that a person with great health has 1,000 dreams.  A person with poor health, only has one.

We live in a place in the world and time in history where we have unlimited resources to get and stay well.  The irony is that we have the worst health outcomes and we pay the most money to get those outcomes.  Remember all those other professionals with expensive initials after their names?  Our healthcare system, though great at emergencies, has no answer for the 80% of Americans suffering with chronic illness.

The only viable, sustainable solution is to create health.  That’s why I created this website and use the phrase ‘More Health, Less HealthCare’ as my guiding light when working with clients.  I hope you find valuable insight on this website through the blog, podcast, Facebook, and speaking engagements. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kurt Perkins DC CCWP
Kurt Perkins DC CCWP