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No More Constipation…or Scary Doctors

The following is a testimonial from a client that avoided very invasive, potentially harmful testing on her 5 week old baby and decided to create More Health, Less Healthcare.  Literal tears of joy over poop.

“When I mention to people that my baby sees chiropractor, I get lots of questions and strange looks. Honestly, I had never considered it either until circumstances led us to Dr. Kurt DC last fall. It has truly been life changing for my daughter, and I can’t imagine how much she would have suffered if we hadn’t started getting her adjusted when we did.

We had our third child in October of 2014. Since she was healthy and feeding well, we brought her home from the hospital after 24 hours. She was producing wet diapers like crazy but two days passed with no dirty diapers. We went to the pediatrician for a weight check. The pediatrician suspected that she hadn’t passed all of the meconium at the hospital and had us give her a suppository. She filled a few diapers and we thought that was the end of it. A few days later she still hadn’t made any additional dirty diapers. We went back to the pediatrician’s office but we left with more questions than answers.

Over the next month we tried many things suggested by our pediatrician’s office. Both doctors there told me they had never seen a case like hers in a breastfed baby. “Breastfed babies don’t get constipation,” I was told over and over again. I felt like I was doing something wrong. I eliminated different things from my diet because food allergies were a possibility. I drank more water. We bicycled her legs. We gave her warm baths. She still couldn’t fill a diaper unless she had a suppository. She was understandably cranky and irritable. No one in the house was getting any sleep.

At one point the pediatrician suggested just waiting until she finally went on her own. We waited an excruciatingly long 10 days with a very uncomfortable baby before we eventually had to give her a suppository. Her stomach looked like a balloon. We also gave her full strength apple juice at the recommendation of the pediatrician. She vomited all over. At her one-month well check, our pediatrician consulted a GI specialist. They wanted us to give her suppositories every three days to help “train” her digestive tract. And if that didn’t help, they wanted to do some invasive testing. We agreed if there was no improvement in two weeks, we’d go ahead with the testing. My pediatrician gave me the list of rare disorders it could be.

I was scared and overwhelmed.

After I had some time to think, I didn’t feel like that was the right course of action. I had the feeling that the doctors really had no clue about what might help her. My husband and I discussed looking into alternative options. I posted in an online moms forum and chiropractic was suggested. I was kind of skeptical, but really willing to try anything at that point. It felt like we had tried nearly everything else. I did some research and eventually decided on Dr. Kurt DC.

At five weeks old, I took her in for her first visit. I went through this long saga with Dr. Kurt, and he said he thought he could help. A few hours after the second appointment, she made a dirty diaper on her own for the first time since her first week of life. I took her in to the changing table and was literally crying my eyes out over a poopy diaper. I felt a slight glimmer of hope.

We had similar results after her third appointment, and I was convinced it was helping. She also seemed to be less uncomfortable and started sleeping for longer stretches. We started giving her probiotics along with the adjustments, and I was really starting to see an improvement. She started making dirty diapers more often and after a couple months, she was up to an every other day poop schedule.

At six months old, she’s doing amazingly well. We’ve since moved on from that pediatrician’s office and never took her for any testing. She is, however, still seeing Dr. Kurt regularly and taking probiotics a few times per week.  In fact the whole family sees Dr. Kurt for regular adjustments to optimize our health.  – Krystal