You Are The Hero

I have been on blood pressure, gout, and cholesterol medication for over 23 years.  After I left the military, my physicians put me on my medications.  As the years progressed, my gout attacks got worse and the medications changed.  It got to the point of where we were managing symptoms and flares but not fixing them.

In January 2018, my wife decided to go on a 30 day clean eating challenge and I decided to do it with her.  We both lost weight and I realized how good I felt and had more energy.  We cut out all added sugars and gluten and ate healthy, unprocessed foods, high in nutrition.  We ate less and felt more satisfied.

After the 30 days I went back to my old eating habits and realizedI was no longer feeling as good.  I was more hungry and had less energy again.  It wasn’t until August that I finally decided that maybe I needed to change my eating habits for good. My wife wondered if we were to seek out the help of a functional medicine doctor if we could get off the medications by means of adopting a newer healthy lifestyle and healing through food, not medicine.

In August, we found Dr. Kurt and began a transformational journey.  Only 4 months into his program, I have lost 45 pounds and went from a 46 waist to a 38.  I have been able to discontinue my cholesterol and gout medications and have cut down on my blood pressure med dosage.  My numbers are greatly improving as my body heals.

The piece of advice from Dr. Kurt that initially I wasn’t ready to hear, that turned my life for the best was reading “You are the Hero,” off of his website that made me re-think my commitment to changing my relationship with food and investing in myself.