Success with Fibromyalgia

No More Fearing Fibromyalgia

This is Niki’s Success with Fibromyalgia

What brought you to see Dr. Kurt?

“Fibromyalgia pain.  At least that’s what my doctor told me I had.  My rheumatologist had prescribed me insane amounts of pain killers and an ‘I don’t know what’s wrong’ diagnosis.  I was taking 4,800 mg tablets of Ibuprofen and it wasn’t touching the pain.  As I raised my concerns that it wasn’t helping and there’s no way this can be good for me, my doc told me that no matter what, stay on two, 800 mg tablets each day.  That was also the day she told me she would no longer be treating me and was changing departments to neurology.  She basically left me with a ‘good luck but you’re not my problem anymore attitude.’  I was told about Dr. Kurt through a friend and went into see him.

What changes did you experience?

“It was crazy, but after that first visit I was headache free for the first time in years.  I was pretty skeptical going in to see Dr. Kurt but that opened my eyes to the possibility that I can be helped and I don’t have to be drugged up the rest of my life.  At 31 years old, with foggy thinking, memory lapse, being tearful, having heart palpitations, sleep disturbed, pain in EVERY joint in my body, dizziness, allergies, being irritable, and anxious, I faced living like this the rest of my life.  It really sucks living like this.  5 months later, my pain is done, I’m not on any pain killers, my energy is up, I sleep better, and I look forward to life opposed to having to just deal with it.”

If you heard of someone else with Fibromyalgia, what would you tell them?

“Go see Dr. Kurt!!  Be open and honest.  Don’t settle for pain and suffering.”

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