Our Mission

More Health Less HealthCare

At Dr. Kurt’s Place, we operate and function under a higher calling than our own self preservation.   This is a little about us and WHY we do what we do.

We Exist…

To help busy professionals regain their productivity and life enjoyment from fatigue and lost energy through the power of functional and lifestyle medicine


We Value…


The state of our union’s health outcomes is a lack of leadership.  Everyone is quick to blame someone else about the results.  Instead of playing the blame game, we strive to raise leaders that can then impact their sphere of influence to create better health outcomes.  Leaders aren’t just the people over big organizations, churches, or other providers.  The leader that will have the greatest impact are those parents that create a household culture of more health less healthcare. A healthy family is a strong family.


The greatest mission and calling you can have in life is to serve and be present with your family.  We want to help you be the most effective leader of your family by helping you create a stewardship mentality and practice regarding your own health.  If your focus is always on your own health concerns, it’s very difficult to serve and lead your family in an efficient manner.


Without the success of our local community, Dr. Kurt’s Place would not exist.  We strive to be a constant support to our local community and city.  As you feel and function better then you too can also be a better contributing member of our society.  You’re nicer, kinder, more respectful, gentler in word, and more willing to lend a helping hand when your health expression is at an optimal level.


Our Core Expressions…


We promise to create and deliver health impacting and health promoting material for you and your family to enable a culture of More Health Less Healthcare in your home, work, and church.  We also promise to be in a constant state of furthering our own education.  We will never stop learning.  We will never stop teaching.


The biggest complaint from consumers of healthcare services is that their doctor doesn’t listen.  We promise to listen to you.  Dwindling are the days of the doctor as the “all mighty deity” with recommendations of “my way or the high way.”  You’re not stupid and you don’t want to be talked down to.  We value your input and welcome your questions.  Ultimately the best results for clients have come to those that have had the best working relationship.


The more successful the community is, the more successful we become.  As a thank you we strive to give back.  We promise to give back in time and in our resources.  Each quarter of the year we pick a local charity to support.  $35 out of every new client fee is then donated to that specific local charity at the end of the quarter.