Don’t Guess. Test!

Ever complain of a problem to a friend and because it sounded similar to what your friend had, you just do what they did?  What if your problem was that your eyes were getting blurry?  What if your friend had blurry eyes, got glasses and now she can see clearly?  What if your friend said you needed the exact same eye glass prescription as she has?  You might think eye glasses will help but how does your friend know what prescription you need?

She doesn’t.  She is guessing.  Unless you get your eyes tested, you have no idea what vision corrections you need, if it’s even the same for both eyes, and if that is even appropriate for your blurry vision.

How many times have you done this for other ailments?  I’m sure it has even happened with your kids. Do yourself a favor.

Don’t guess. Test!

Dr. Kurt Perkins DC CCWP uses a host of non-invasive testing like heart rate variability, surface electromyography (EMG), surface thermography, saliva testing, urinalysis, and minimally invasive testing such as blood chemistry. This gives an amazing overview of the body’s function from nervous system to endocrine to cardiovascular to digestive functions.  It lets him know about you.

Dr. Perkins DC CCWP also doesn’t just rely on the ‘normal’ reference ranges present on the lab results.  With your standardized lab testing, those reference ranges account for 95% of the population.  We can all agree that 95% of the population isn’t healthy and trying to be like the majority will only produce what the majority has…extensive rates of chronic illness, that cost extensive amounts of money to manage symptoms while health steadily declines.

He meticulously combs through your lab results to make the connections between your symptoms and the actual causes of those symptoms.  With a personalized lab report, you can understand what is happening functionally and how to elevate your health expression in a drugless manner.

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