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The Program to Help You Protect and Optimize Your Greatest Asset

A major problem with traditional healthcare when addressing chronic health problems is that they make the treatment the hero.  The reality is that YOU are the hero and need an approach that puts the power back in your hands. This where the More Health Less Healthcare YOUniversity program aims to put you back at the center of your healthcare decisions.

Just like every hero, there is a guide in the process.  We would love to be your guide and have you graduate with the tools to be the next health leader in your community, whether that be your family, your work, your church, or you decide to go onto professional training and be the next guide in a broken healthcare system that is focused on procedure codes over people.   

Discovery Call: Start with a free phone call with Dr. Kurt to discover if you're a good fit for the program as well as if he's a good fit for you.  Bring your bucket of healthy skepticism and be honest in that discovery call.   

Initial Appointment: Prior to meeting together, this is foundational work to study your past history, experiences, exposures, and lifestyle choices.  In addition to your health history, a thorough lab review is done prior to meeting together.  Getting to the root can't happen unless we do some digging first.  

Once everything is analyzed, you will sit down with Dr. Kurt to go through all the findings, further discussing specifics.  At the end of this appointment, if we feel you can be helped, functional lab testing such as organic acids, will be ordered to get to the root of your health issues.  

    Road Map: The majority of doctors are managing symptoms and conditions.  We strive to lead you into new health frontiers.   

    The More Health Less Healthcare YOUniversity program typically lasts about 6 months.  Within that 6 months, you're not just working on the personalized recommendations based on your individual results and goals, but creating new life skills that will help you maintain the results you desire.  Hopefully in turn, you then lead the ones around you to create a health culture within your family, work or church communities.  

    YOUniversity Advisory Team: Here's a secret, that's not-so-much a secret...Dr. Kurt doesn't know it all.  To help you magnify your potential, there are many facets of life that need to be addressed.  This is why Dr. Kurt realizes his limitations and brings in outside experts various industries and life situations that are committed to helping YOU reach your health goals.  

    For Example: Your greatest life stress may be your job and not utilizing your strengths.  We have a guy for that.  You may be overwhelmed in meal planning because you have multiple kids.  We have a gal for that.  If we don't have a person, we will get a person to help.     

Husband, Father, Leader, Follower, Reader, Listener, Author, Functional Medicine Practitioner.

Dr. Kurt


Wife, Mother, Woo-er, Adapter, Includer, Restorer, Relator, Encourager, Learning, Stand-Up Desker. 


Queen of Concierge

Husband, Father, Leader, Reader, Helper, Runner, Learner, Questioner, Certified Gallup StrengthsFinder 


Professor of Potential

    commYOUnity:  It's almost entirely impossible to create and sustain change in isolation.  You need a gang, a tribe, a pod, or any other trendy word for 'other people fighting the same fight.'  Meet and connect with other members of the YOUniversity program to help in accountability, idea sharing, and celebration of wins.  At some point you'll be really sick of Dr. Kurt and need other voices to connect with. 

    One of the ultimate goals Dr. Kurt has with clients is that they become leaders in their own circle of influence.  So if you have an idea for a gathering like a walking club, a recipe swap, or an adventure race, don't be shocked if he says, 'Great, let's do it, what's your plan?'     

"I will NEVER be able to pay you enough $$$ for the value, for what you have helped facilitate in my personal healing, brain health and opportunities to move forward in my life in a more strategic and mindful way to make a difference in the world."

- Jeff

At 41 years old I was sucked into the current "medical system" and underwent a major surgery. Never being one for medications or drugs I needed to have real answers. Dr. Kurt's common sense approach coupled with his unquestionable expertise and knowledge has allowed me those answers and the ability to take back my health. I could write extensively about everything he has helped me with in only 5 month but I will save that for another time.


Our family has been going to Dr. Kurt for 3 years now. One of the best decisions we've ever made. We are definitely more healthier than we have ever been.


Start Your JOurney

To be transparent, your investment in the program and ultimately in yourself will be only $2400 - $3500.  That will seem expensive to the people that don't utilize the program but it can be priceless for those that have regained their health, regained their ability to go back to work and provide for their family, and for those that have gotten out of the daily fear of chronic illness.  

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