Not-So-Obvious Toxic Top Ten


A replay of the Not-So-Obvious Toxic Top Ten presented at Yoga Studio Satya in Colorado Springs.  This workshop has a slight change of the top 10 from the original post.  You can even follow along with presentation below.

Notes from the workshop:

1. Worry

2. Gossip

3. Sitting

4. Chronic Lateness

5. Busyness

6. Discouragement

7. Entitlement

8. Insulin

9. Isolation

10. Apathy

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  1. I think I need to get into you very soon. I am 61 and I am about to go through another surgery after 40+ surgeries since age 19 yrs old. I feel so ill, weak, I am not getting the proper help with Hashimoto’s. I am a retired nurse. I was so drugged up for 35 yrs with doctors flooding me with horrid narcotics and I detoxed myself off of approx 40 different meds last July on my own cold turkey at home. I have been clean every since. No one seems to understand the loop in the Hashimoto’s situation. I do not believe that any Endo or medical doctor understands anything regarding thyroid madness! I need help and soon. I am on Medicare, Chiro’s are usually covered. Are you? If not, how expensive can this get as I am on SSN.